Boris Mayorov, Sochi 1997.Boris Mayorov



Automation of management and information-analytical activity engaged in for more than 30 years.

I propose, with the possible updating of the Constitution, the term "Authority" shall be replaced with the term "control" or "Social management", but the media did not eat at all today: sure, that the clarity of words and deeds of modern transparent social management according to the law, which he dreamed and Mikhail Speransky , and its modern, dynamic scientific update will accelerate Russia's transition to an innovative economy globalizing world. In this leadership, the updated state apparatus, a new expert and political associations and other community until the family can and will be based on human dignity according to the principles of openness, dynamic, distributed, and the universality of the historical validity ofthe social hierarchy. Russia's population will reflect on the outcome of the twentieth century, the role of personality in history, her dignity, rights, freedoms and legitimate interests, the factors of force, money and knowledge in social management. And if force is used more frequently, the development of financial institutions and knowledge is yet to come. It is necessary for each person and country to determine its human and social capital for social arrangement and careful modernization (renovation) to live in the era of postmodernism .


The population of Russia, as well as other countries of the East, has retained archaic attitude to social management on the basis of force and reflect it in their basic laws and traditions. For example, journalists are called - the 4th power of pop - stars - 5th, spies - 6th ... Aces of the crime - the 11th power.

The masses in the present "system of power" Russia as before and even more so in ancient times assigned (in theory) the role of a source of power (power). People are still destined to feed, drink, choose and endure at present passivity and low level of social development, and 3, and 5, and 10 security forces (government) until mature in the minds of the elite and the middle class modern national consciousness based on the theory of social control and a way of transformation of Russia into the global system of nations integrated into the global economy, where today's rational vertical control will be strengthened by horizontal bundles of civil society and their new traditional structures. The best is to minimize the power (coercion) and maximization of concerted actions of citizens and organizations. In the meantime, after the collapse of the supreme power Emperor Nicholas II on the population goes one incomprehensible power over the other, and it itself swears in families, in doorways, on the garden plots, pushed and skirmish on the roads in anticipation of whether democracy, whether post democracy, or awaiting the birth of the people, or the nation, or the representatives of the people's participation in the government, whether the distributed power of the people. The expectations of many.

By the way, the Communist Party was the only force in the control system, which was preparing solutions, attracts thousands of people for numbered unanimous design of specific plans and monitor their implementation in the field of the same nomenclature ... and present-day practice, as it were, with the balance of political forces, without civil society with the division of the ruling power (the power ...) "by the numbers" created a sense divided into Ltd. and JSC State for spontaneous integration with the West is not all, but only able to objects and subjects. In Russia, created an adequate social management for the current transitional period for the purpose of civilized self-entry of the Russian population in the community of developed countries. Institute of Economics for understanding the transition period created enough, and the population is nobody cares.



My history



I appeared in Meshchera ( the area between the Klyazma and Oka ), in the Vladimir region, in a small Russian town Kurlovo December 17, 1950, near which the villages and villages:. Ulyahino, Parahina, Okatova, Aksenov ... North-Eastern Russia , lived my ancestors peasants and soldiers: Rusakov, Mayorov, Morozov, Sokolova, Volodya, Gorins ... great-grandfather on his father's side - Hilarion served before the revolution of 1917. forester, lived to a ripe old age and died of starvation in the 30s; on the mother's side - Jacob, Michael and his wife Natalia a peasant, both my grandfather Teoctist Petrovich Rusakov and Peter M. Sokolov young for various reasons, are gone along with grandfathers in the revolutionary years before I was born.

My b olee distant ancestors probably came to the woods Meshchora from south Asia, or these people were the second wave of spread of the person through Western Europe from the shroud and forests of Africa ... I certainly pleasant and new theories, which prove that the civilization of Western Europe began on my ancestors. I hope that the scientific history of the peoples of the settlement will be available soon.

Surely man is part of the geographical environment and depend on it. On the mentality (from the Latin mentalis - Mental.) - Mind; attitude, character, worldview; a set of mental and sensory skills and value systems inherent to my countrymen and significantly affected by the westerly winds, which every ten years intensified to hurricane.

Information on the nature of the environment serfs tried to reflect with exceptional clarity and detail, especially in terms of the influence of the king, his master, and the natural conditions of life and health, the welfare of households, on the situation of its economy. Westerly winds signaled the coming changes and especially of impending or possible danger.

The diversity and the reality of this influence will inevitably lead to the images and generalizations ( "Fire - king water - the queen of the earth - mother, the sky - the father, the wind - Sir, rain - the breadwinner, the sun - prince moon - princess").

According to the stories of my mother, she and her friends are very fond of the Trinity - old holy day and very upset when the holiday spoiled cold north-westerly winds. And in the adult population are memorized raids foreign masters or enemies of the West. These features of the national character, the dangers of the West and irresponsibly speculate modern orators, politicians, and various members of different alliances with academic degrees, which in recent years appeared a lot.

My father was discharged from the Army in 1948. after 10 years of service and the war in the North and Baltic seas, back in his native land, he married and found a permanent job in the town of Gus-Crystal , where he settled in 1951. our family . I drove to a kindergarten and a raised garden: sledges, skis and slide in the winter, in the summer - the river, collecting labels from the matches and playing beer lids, analogue of coins, who played the older children. With five to 10 years, I have been inseparable with the girl from our yard, Tanya Rastorgueva. The boys of our yard seemed to me any more stupid or more, or more and more stupid than me, which played a positive role and the girls in the following years I was always interesting.

In 1957. to the delight of the boys were released festival match with a particularly colorful labels. We have been in the family and the modern means of information , but most of all I liked the radio - this preference remains to this day.

In the summer, as it was made one change I was sent to summer camp "from the factory" and other enterprises of the city. Most clearly I remember when the movie "The sailor with the" Comet "1958. Black Sea, lyrics, Moscow ... night in a forest glade shocked me.

At 9 years old ( in 1959. In that year, the Strategic Missile Forces ) I ran the water its first rocket from a paper spool of thread at the factory, where the fuel was celluloid. The missile accidentally hit in in the near standing by the roadside post - I am very happy, but to repeat the experiment failed. 
Once in the New Year's Eve 1961, walking near the school, close to where we lived, I saw bright lights burning auditorium on the third floor, I went to school and his clothes in the 3rd floor. It ended with a New Year concert of senior and announced last number. It was a song from the Old maple released in 1961. Girls movie. The music kind of girl and boy singing together and the words "... what are you going down the alley!"Opened for me a new light in my world. In 12 years, I have somehow become particularly like the girls in our class: Galina Kotova, Natasha Bykov, Valya Tunick ... but especially Marina obstruction, often acting on stage with his accordion and, of course, I was sometimes light, although I was not the accordion. This is the time of occurrence of the first love, one of the most important and memorable events in my life. Experiences related to the first love of bright and dramatic kept me in bright images classmates to the present day. Fundamentals of sex education was already needed in 7-8 classes. Probably I would understand why the girls mostly looked toward high school students and it would not hurt for their peers nezamechaemye talents.

When our 7A entered into the Young Communist League, he was unable to explain the committee and to answer questions the girl a year older than the principle of democratic centralism, which frankly did not understand though was a good student and has seriously understood and fond of chess. Company indiscriminate admission to the Young Communist League is over, the parents did not notice this mishap and I remained outside the union: Many Komsomol less studied, and their meetings were boring. In the middle of the 7th grade, determined no longer to join the Komsomol, I sat in the back row and stopped to awe relate to learning. I met in the back row with a class of 40 children close: there were and repeaters, and just beyond the normal children. It was the first social learning in my life and my years of personal freedom, mushroom hikes in the woods in summer, hockey fights on makeshift sites in winter, broken nose from a blow with a club, admiration namesakes brothers Mayorov, genuine enjoyment of life and constant prayer for me my sincere believer grandmother Matrona .

In the 8th grade my mom who had offered to send me for paid training courses at the local college. Perhaps the chief mechanic with armor from conscription to the army in its war on youth weavers fiberglass factory played a role. In the first years of study, I liked this idea and I will gladly left the class and school, where I was not accepted into the Komsomol. Passed exams in college is easy, and almost all the best in their group.Immediately I was assigned a scholarship to 20 rubles, but after a while I have lost interest in studies on the technical program. More knowledge I have acquired alone and concentrating only on one tutorial when it was necessary. Sometimes I listened with half an ear, and I sit uninteresting topics. In my opinion children should not be giving everything and require excellent marks in all subjects - people are different, and in the future reform of the education and reporting on it must undergo some changes, extending to children and young people all values ​​during training. For example, the free choice of the value of the subject matter and level of its development it is necessary to learn and for our education system.

Prior to his studies in the first year we were sent to the village to the farm Bolshevik Sulovo help local communists in the potato harvest. In subsequent courses we drove in the other local farms. Today, however, these collective farms were only dying village and a monument to the chairman of the collective farm Bolshevik Mayor Gorshkov .

In 17 years (summer 1968) earned the first money by working as a loader at the factory during vacations in college , constantly I went to the dance admired the girls reluctantly included in its first love story, probably because of poor sex education in those years.

In 1970 he graduated from the Gusev Glass College , where in addition to the free study without doing a lot of homework, which became my habit on the last batch of 7-8 class, interested in literature: Pushkin, Dumas, Balzac, Zola, Dickens, Lermontov, Chekhov, Tolstoy, Turgenev, Leskov Gorky, Rousseau, Walter Mann, Antoine de Saint-Ekzyupepi always lying on my desk, constantly read the magazine "youth Technology", play chess tournaments and by correspondence, subscribed to the chess magazine 64, Chigorin, Alekhine and Karpov were my idols; fond of music , a photo , but it was not a Komsomol member, and was not solemnly baptized in the Orthodox faith. Surrounds me since childhood many women, as a rule, in the Orthodox faith found peace of mind.

The Party and the Government, and after the war, to keep the population under stress, it tore the resources needed to restore the people's livelihood, increased its missile and nuclear forces - parents remain vigilant dedication to build communism, in which I had to live, and my education are not diverted - all natural and moral forces were exhausted. In my opinion, it was almost zero efficiency for the social development of the population. The post-war Soviet era in my opinion dobilo Russian people, depriving it of its universal values ​​and sense of victory over fascism, depriving him of all the foundations of democracy - and after the Second World War leaders have kept the population of the Soviet human freedom according to Lenin, the meaning of which disappeared over the horizon. So naturally I grew up in individualism and rejection of the majority, and then matured and aversion to Bolshevism, to justify their crimes voluntarily-forced complicity of the population.

In July, 1970. after preparatory courses at the institute and the protection of the degree project in its "invention", after any non-binding meeting with the girls, I was ready for college, but not decided yet what and therefore, putting your tape library Vysotsky and Beatles I went into the Army , as the heroes of Russian literature XIX century left the Caucasus: a continuous study tired and I'm ready for new sensations. Especially because the yard of our two-story hruschёby back in 1969. comrades of the Army in the new uniforms, and even from most of Prague and mysteriously silent.

Pending Agenda recruiting office went to work at the factory in the village of Pervomaisky , Selivanovsky District, Vladimir Region, where I was appointed foreman and acting chief engineer of the plant. During the first month was able to express themselves and the chief mechanic, having gone on vacation for 2 months, I left for themselves. During the first 100 days of independent living, I stoned glass melting furnace, aluminum sheets, personally repaired the milling machine, was shocked by the bare feet, held up the path past the factory gates girls and not having to kiss enough, farewell to his girl friend, and signed for the agenda: I waited for the Army and I was taken ...

November 3, 1970 I was invited to the draft board and placed in the stench of the close of the room on the bench, and then sent on the stage (the nightmare events call and step then more than once will dream and I still could not anyone explain what had already served a fixed period) in the NCO school but for "some" reason he was transferred to the part where after the course the young fighter was appointed mechanic - conductor special wagon for nuclear components, and to my regret our team were given old-style uniform - all around were forests and apparently the new uniforms for the rest of the army lacked. I ended my provincial youth and only the imperfection of his family and even more miserable life of my surroundings took me then to the active solutions to the social problems of our population. The flow of revolutionary-patriotic education of those years called into action for meager wages with the threat of up to 5 years imprisonment and confiscation of property for parasitism. Later, in the years of perestroika, I learned the real recent history of Russia, and what meager positive, and sometimes large negative brought cartoons from my childhood about the Russian tsars, who painted a bad Ivan the Fool, the pioneers, heroes, Gadfly, Pavel Korchagin, Komsomol Donbas ... - Marchenko , Bukovsky , Novodvorskaja and dozens of other romantics, the best youth of the country severely punish the party-state machine, the administration of the country for independent steps in the struggle for a better future, for a cozy company with a wide range of contemporary social relations. This awakened their struggle population ages accustomed to the administrative authority, was at the polls in the KGB a request for the application to them of the death penalty, so it was with a student Novodvorskaja that at the beginning of his "revolutionary" activity threw his handwritten leaflets in the Kremlin Palace of Congresses Hall December 5, 1969. "October" before the beginning of the opera.

Military power is shocked and in August 1971. I passed the exams at the Military Engineering Academy, which is now named after Peter the Great, but the political officer of the selection committee suddenly announced to me that I did not pass the competition and offered to return to the part, enter the Komsomol, to confirm the title of honors military and political training and re-enter the Academy. It was another shock.Head of the commission promised to be enrolled in the Academy of pass rate, and I practically expelled in one piece for further service. Probably exchange officer, led the applicants from the army, gaining himself obedient sergeants reported everything about each other, at the end of the written exams at me in a negative characteristic selection committee and I do not fit into the hierarchy already during the first admission to the Academy. But then, for me, this fact was not obvious, and exchange officers - educators were then and still are today far from the desired level. But it's not their fault. Officers usually becomes wiser after the resignation, and a series of changes in Russia are not conducive to the wealth of tradition in the formation of the officers - and the defenders of the fatherland and the dignity of each person's rights and freedoms.

At the end of compulsory military service under the command of a decent officer -. Major Tarabanchuka, in the hot summer 1972, becoming a sergeant , standouts in combat and political training, member of the Komsomol, the winner of Mathematical Olympiad among students of the Army, I was again handed over entrance examinations and I lost to the enthusiasm of the time We took. We accept, despite my negligence or battle piece in the Lenin's room, which I was asked to write for the students before the final exam. And there for the courage, I wrote that we entrants of troops entering the academy, because only he is worthy of life and liberty, who every day comes for them to fight and referred to Goethe, who expressed his thoughts officers from time immemorial.

After the order of admission to the academy in early August 1972. I was given 10 days holiday and I saw his native city in the smoke - burned peat Shatura, forests around the city buried the soldiers and officers, not schadivshih his stomach. This nightmare struck me as the forerunner of a nuclear war and I was in the Army.

Scientific-Technical School Military Academy was one of the best in the country and could be much higher. Students lived against the Kremlin , the lectures were generals; professor and veteran of the Second World War, he served in a dashing Navy, Emma Shuvalov Other me a brilliant career scientist or commander. It was pretty to me, perhaps because that belonged to the heroic generation of soldiers, as was my father. But the warrant, taschivshie from the common pot, its methods taught me to be respected and their persons, and to the vertical as a whole, up to the early orders to the kitchen; their course to strengthen vertical relationships, supported the exchange officer - Ivan Belyaev, in general, a good officer of the Soviet army. Relations with the vertical course not evolved. A year later, I was bored to participate in the socialist competition on the occasion of the birthday of Leonid Brezhnev , nasty-depend on the warrant educators and exchange of officers and the homeless from his wretched life to learn from the excellent lectures from a scientific point of view, "aim at the center of world imperialism." The revolutionary socialism is rooted in the past, the construction of communism comes to a standstill and I could not find the meaning of any one or the other, and even more in the third. Social issues being overshadowed by my scientific and technical interests. He became interested in psychology and sociology, became acquainted with the ideas of Freud and Jung, to search for the origins of the confrontation with the Soviet Union and Western countries are not found.

In his second year in 1974. I refused to participate in the "educational" process for students and attending lectures on the international situation, instead of the planned drill openly talked with foreign exchange officer.He recommended me demoted to the ranks and introduced within 5 days from the bunks of the Moscow garrison guardhouse. There currently stretched tendons on the hard work, which is carried out under the supervision of an officer shouting, and with a red cap and other accessories (there was an aversion to combined arms officers, although they seem to look at me as an idiot of Engineering Academy). It first sharply felt like a hostage rigid subjective relations in the Army and cheap "tool" command-administrative system of the state , which can strike the heel, throw on the bench, on the bunker, on the lifting of virgin land or the construction of BAM, the destruction of the president "friendly country", to the world revolution, discrimination or eliminate certain peoples or citizens of their own country, etc. etc. The tool must obey the owner, the higher the vertical in the administration and in this, I believe, and a member of honor of the officer, the soldier the tools of the country ... In Russia, people create for themselves a state, and the state is determined by the population size for their needs. And as my cousin from the village - in the days of collective farms people were once again confused, mixed, confused ... In these years, our village has supplied not only cheap to Army colonels, but teachers, doctors. However, the range has been stagnation and "treason" - tools lost fear and needed a new ethics and salary, the country of the Soviets lose their effectiveness built on fear and the enthusiasm of the people's intelligentsia. If the political system is outdated, does not understand and does not feel the global trends, then the toolbox - the officers of the leading countries is necessary not to serve, and buck. What exacerbates the collapse of the country.

I had to edit his own outlook on the books of academic libraries in addition to the program of Marxist philosophy, political economy and scientific communism.

My absence from the occupation and the severe punishment of a soldier helped coursework only officer to get an apartment and a better position for persistence in educating employees, and later, and look after the staff at the Deputy Kokoshin.

It was the fourth year of compulsory military service .. , instead of 2 years according to the law, I had to serve - 7 years, although after 3 November 1972, as a freshman academy, could be considered for the rank of warrant officer, as I have already served a two-year military service, was an excellent combat and political training, a sergeant, was a civil secondary special education ...

The title honors and Komsomol, for which I was sent to the troops a year earlier, it was only necessary political officer to cover his ass and seminars unconstructive hatred of the bourgeoisie. Statements of your old military service person of their legal interests caused only repression. However, a few years later, I began to assess the repressive regime to the entire population, and life itself is not free of internal areas. In fact, the Politburo as a reward for obedience permitted the workers to live and realize their plans in a large area within the borders of the USSR. Self-organization of the population was excluded from the internal policy of the country.

Without becoming an ensign, demoted to the ranks of non-commissioned officers (if re-drafted), clamped in a vise of time, I did not drop out, but in addition to the formal training continued from self-education in libraries and reading rooms in its plan. With interest acquainted with the concept of reverence for life and the refusal of the authorities A.Shveytsera (later, after 1991. I reviewed this position A.Shveytsera and now believe that it is necessary to restrict the natural leadership role can not refuse, but also the desire for leadership of gray figures , giving to Caesar what is Caesar's, and unto God , maintaining a stable state of their lives). After Treatment A.Solzhenitsina to Patriarch Pimen returned to the history of Russia and the church . Of great interest is the peace initiatives of the legendary Academician Andrei Sakharov , the concept of limits to growth, the protection of the environment Humanity and other local and global social issues that are relevant today.

At the undergraduate married and after a personal and brutal ultimatum zampolit Academy of General Orlov that the Academy does not teach for free ( "Free cheese is only in a mousetrap, and then only for a second mouse"), and is preparing a Communist officer, voluntarily-forcibly entered the CPSU.

Party ticket was a supplement to the shoulder straps officer of the Armed Forces of the USSR, and I did not resist, and the reasons for this, I at that time did not work out completely. Perhaps in those days were written denunciations me with my remarks with doubts in the triumph of the ideas of Marxism-Leninism, and he naturally decided to test me personally. If I said with conviction that the Communists not to my way, then I would be expelled from the academy and he would probably have put in a separate paragraph in the report to the top of the results of its work to the party-political work in the academy in a different wording.Today it is difficult to say who was General Orlov, and he saved me, or vice versa set up on me, I do not know. Later I realized that the party-political Eagles inspired the Soviet people and economists, and lawyers, and physicists and chemists, and the foremen workshops and fields, that they are the builders of communism, first and foremost, and then experts and scientific communism is the true doctrine. Career allowed to do within the framework of the party line, or in the interest of the party, but sharashkas forward or figuratively.

During practice at the cosmodrome "Baikonur", on the launch pad Gagarin , which was held after the holidays in the poor areas of the Vladimir region, I was shocked by the immensity of the cost of these "objects of national pride." Survive and correctly interpret it is difficult: the country's life miserable, and the money of the people and resources of the country went to the realization of communist ideas and future apples on Mars , on violent propaganda triumph of the doctrine of Marx, Engels and Lenin . Since then, I do not like propaganda, advertising ... school teachers taught me without further dialogues on development and top artists, employees of someone's will (in the years of my youth they were fighters of the CPSU, as well as officers). Apparently, for Gagarin's such a shock I could not pass without leaving a trace. The party and the government even though they built a house for his mother in the village, but it's first flight in the so-called "space" and travel around the world for his psyche could not pass without leaving a trace. For the party, he could not serve as an instrument of propaganda, and it was evident in his last years of life. And given the fact that he was part of a group of leading astronauts began to complain to the Politburo after the death of Korolev on the incompetence of the new leadership, there could only be afraid (of the Political Bureau was far from the competence and legitimacy) and to take appropriate measures have to Gagarin, who was soon to become General, and to manage such a general problem for the party. It ended with the era of post-war generation of enthusiasts. But to Yuri Gagarin was Alexander Galich , who was apparently contrary to be an instrument of those who know how to , and after Gagarin Andrei Sakharov ...

In 1977. perfectly defended his diploma, but on scientific communism , our teacher with my consent Commission suggested that according to available characteristics should be put no higher than four, as my "liberal" views known to political department, and there could not agree with the quintet. I was pleased that rattled off scientific communism on the coin (as it should be, almost to applause), and I was asked, and I did not mind the four , since I had another 20 years politpodgotovke officers again and again to outline in three notebooks of Marx, Engels, Lenin, decisions of congresses and regulations next Plenum. The prospects for the next five-year plan, I doubt because lying on the surface of the facts of the progress of private initiatives in the Western countries and getting up to his full height of global problems of mankind. Such an attitude was not conducive to a career, I knew it, but for me it was more important than my inner freedom, since the external regime has been significantly limited, and sometimes impossible, or led thinking people to death. Whoever came up with three notebooks for political studies was foreman future restructuring - through these three notebooks I be spread aversion to ideology, to the Committee and workshops on polituchёbe. For me, time has always been and remains the most expensive resource person. From me and my classmates nor fraternity, nor of the rulers -  the Mamluks did not work: a huge human capital, the military academies was also wasted.

By sharing, I was sent in Odintsovo in the Strategic Missile Forces General Staff, from where the service is not running, automated management , predicted flight, specified the calculations involved in the implementation of the Soviet of the Internet, according to the American ideas to create under the leadership of the Communist Party, where many designer realized the software and technical means of a system of guaranteed communicating command and control signals, opposed the machines as a network server UCS series (now these monuments bungling another 100 years will resemble the "commanders" of their prowess in stagnant times, as foundations for these servers is not podorvesh and landmine ; from the billion dollar project were only building in 2 floors and a strong basement, apparently, they are stored vegetables, but as it turned out it was not only in servers, and at the beginning of the general Soviet system crisis enthusiasm can effectively implement simple bulky projects, but complex and.. high-tech projects do not lend themselves to the enthusiasm.

I rented accommodation in the nearby village, lived for some time without his family - and wrote its constitution on the project was published in the press Brezhnev. Looking at the face cloth officers (the only rational and emotional mat was constantly smoking chief) and his plight, he decided to throw out the drafts of the constitution, postponed his thoughts and actions active in the social sphere, and decided to settle down.However, only after 15 years of service in the Army , my family moved into a normal service apartment, reared two children, loved and suffered , playing chess , photographed, " he urged the dawn ", but refused to be partgruporgom and other special structures did not take part - this side Army, and I was disgusted with society. Overlap and some household details. Gunner Solzhenitsyn opened my eyes to the Gulag, and the driver Tolubko gunner, who lived in the Gus-Crystal in the house next door, talking about passion and Commander of women driving a car after narkomovskih 100 grams during the war. Under these benchmarks I have evolved their own career strategy.

Perhaps Lenin as many utopian socialists plotting good, but the trouble came to Russia in the form of a collapse of the autocracy, a succession of mutinies and all intelligence activity has pushed the world Lenin and his team to seize control of the state to create a springboard for world social-democratic revolution. Perhaps the same command on the target and the civil war in the most resource-rich country during its ascent. During the First World War, Russia had no cards on food, other than sugar, so people do not indulge in moonshine. And after the Civil War in a weakened Russia (although the Russian Empire in alliance with Britain and France could implement the outcome of the First World War), Stalin and his entourage on the basis of slogans of class struggle rejected the centuries-old civilization of the social hierarchy of society and could create for disoriented terrible repression of the people only mode bitches and secretaries , which was based on myths and undeveloped social views turned into Russia's criminal regime, brake development of the country .Secretaries use special valves and females competed , who will take over from the regime of benefits for their statist position (size or magnitude of the title, apartments, pensions, benefits ...), so most of them called themselves then, and continues to call right now. The main value of Russia - Motherland, dorm ... to the person and the interests of its mass is not mature enough. I believe that the new constitution, and the deployment of troops in Afghanistan on the eve of completion of the construction of communism in the Soviet Union, and the Olympic Games 1980 in Moscow CPSU tip arranged for diverting the masses from the analysis of the results of the construction of communism , for sampling the Army, and some of his goals for the stripping of the officer corps and society. For any such justice more than a million Afghans have been maimed in this war, and tens of thousands of Soviet men? Only softened consciousness political officer that could justify. By this time, not only the southern underbelly of the Soviet Union turned out to be mild, but the ruble, as in later years of the war for exploits in Afghanistan Government to pay by check, equated to the value of the currency, for which, and sold to the heroes of the Afghan war of manufactured goods, and good quality products in specialty shops Birch .

At the end of the construction of communism fully razmyag and avant-garde, so basically the descendants of the Communist Party apparatchiks in the 90s became not partisans, and turned into a "new" Russian merchants. Thinking and independent personality in Russia in 1980 were almost completely destroyed, and the locomotive was more, but at a standstill. His arrest in 1992 will be for the people a big shock. 
   I am convinced that the First World (disorientation and betrayal of elites) and the Civil War (the adventurism of the Bolsheviks and impromptu disgruntled masses) were the main Russian tragedy of the twentieth century, the natural historical development was interrupted, killed nascent civil society, the trend of the active personality and created the political administration for the industrialization and management of working people in the socialist camp. At the same instigators of this war the German emperor Wilhelm II lived to old age with the woman, children and grandchildren, and the participant of the war Russian Emperor was brutally put to death together with his family.

Heroes, actors (actors) era will shape the future of the country. It seems to me that the backlog and deadlock development of Russia was given the crimes and errors decoys Mr. Achal XX century.

After the huge conflict between the working class of Germany and Russia in the Second World War, against the background of not wanting to connect to the proletarians of other countries, intuitively let the reins (cushioned grip) N.S.Hruschёv first, and then Brezhnev, who gave the country the opportunity to rest after it tore from the plow to build a nuclear bomb and to enter the path of the objective of social movement of matter in the form of society.

The ideas of non-proliferation and the prohibition of nuclear weapons, its reduction and control gave hope to solve the world's problems are not in a nuclear war.

"Perestroika" brought a certain amount of clarity, I became a supporter ; update the USSR and the conclusion of a new management agreement with the union republics has been a hard necessity. The existence of the Soviet Union in the former political and economic regime has become impossible (one ruling party and the only common property, socialist economy), but "the commanders and educators", for the most part could not own (apart from tillage) think and retarded acceleration, democratization and career few supporters of Mikhail Gorbachev in the national economy, the political sphere and in the Army. Supreme Commander cautious - he himself was in his best years tool "great scientist", besides, the party ended bratvy gold reserves, issyakshy together with the fall in world oil prices.

Updating the USSR and the world socialist system has coincided with the growth of the country's democratization of the administrative system and tough military pressure from the West to bankrupt the USSR, lectures on Marxist training of officers become more diverse, often young reporters in the Strategic Missile Forces General Staff. He has performed and Gaidar, employee magazine "Communist", is critical of the democratization, arguing that we do not build a Western-style democracy with a trend towards European Union. The most that can count the people, his grandfather gone away from the main path of humanity, so it's a cautious entry into the Western world with democracy Turkish sample ... and he was right, but for some reason, made in Russia a few years our credulous (wild) people with wild liberalism and destructive criminal face. Liberalism is possible the development of civil society and it matures along with the citizen, and the population of Russia under the hard pressure of the Communist Party of the Soviet period was suspended, kept as slaves, disenfranchised disoriented the workers, peasants (as they say in their areas of concentration) permanently mobilized in order to the country's survival. All sectors of the country still full of structural imbalances and far from being relatively homogeneous, which can smoothly functioning market and the more developed post-democracy tendencies.

April 26, 1986 an accident occurred on the fourth unit of the Chernobyl nuclear power plant, located on the territory of the Ukrainian SSR (now - Ukraine). The elimination of the consequences of this catastrophe involved Sergei Uryvin, which for several years together as military engineers were forecast in the group and the calculation of satellite orbits. In addition to the service, we had a common interest in a photo, and chess.Then he was sent to the other side and we went away from each other. The general meaning of his songs, the Chernobyl seems to me that high technology can not be developed in a socially unprepared countries. Those.nuclear power plant, bombs and missiles can be set up on the enthusiasm, but the right to exploit, develop and modernize these systems is impossible without an adequate quality of the population, accumulated human capital, a favorable social environment. I believe that nuclear weapons and nuclear power is dangerous not only for unstable countries, but is one of the most important problems of humanity that needs to be solved in the XXI century.

Communism did not take place and began updating and detachment from "single" society of the working people of the liberal elite (the former nomenclature to the property), the separation of criminals in order to capture the common property, there were trade service of the lads, began the destruction of the weak; They were homeless. After Gaidar's lecture, I was responsible officers call from forces (regions) to the question "How much you will still be reconstructed?" - Not less than to build a state of the working people led by the Soviet government! But everything will collapse in three days of 1991. And Russia will begin a new civil war, but not the citizens who have not yet matured, and their representatives from all 11 branches of power according to my classification shaped. 
1987. marked only extended meeting of all the officers of the General Staff is not for classes on Marxism, and for the meeting on the theme "What to do? What and how to resist the" Pershing holding this meeting the current defense minister of democratic Russia I.Sergeev "in Europe and the concept of" Star Wars. " . (by the way, his orders I was laid off from his staff, and at the same time and from the army of the new democratic Russia at the beginning of 1994, almost immediately after taking part in the election of Democrats -. the paradox of the times of the board democrat Yeltsin as rebuilt member of the Politburo of the CPSU.) 
What could develop officers' 80s, which was asked for the first time? army officers opposed to the worldwide capital only because it rots and he had no future at the Marxist-Leninist theory, which declares true without proof, could not utter a sound. only kakoy- the political officer suggested that future ministers quote from Lenin about the effectiveness of asymmetric moves in relation to the bourgeoisie. What kind of moves you can only imagine our terror era, but it is, even for Leninists people of other countries if Lenin went to the destruction of millions of Russian citizens could go to calculations only in the millions. It ended the twentieth century, which, through world wars, industrialization, social experiments and rallies wisdom blew the old social structures collapsed empire.

1987 I remember landing on Red Square light of foreign aircraft and my participation in the Commission for verification of reliability warning Kamchatka test range of spans reconnaissance satellites American space groups. It turned out that as a result of criminal negligence or treachery landfill for several years received false information about the space environment, ie, test flights were opened new manufacturing strategic missiles, and my reports on the investigation of this case ten "real" colonels from different departments, probably with the knowledge of his generals, returned, threatening to take action. Probably some action they took. Mutual responsibility, cowardice and, as a consequence of this betrayal blossomed terry color in opposition to the West Army. What was revealed and fully during the two Chechen companies, although other types of troops. What would have happened as a result of a strategic company with the United States have each present a picture in their own way. If no one wants to dream, then maybe someone there will and calculatehow much cost us US confrontation.

In 1988, I moved in the queue for the car under the pretext that I am not an A student, for political training - I had a foursome. And in his spare time without the garage and his car, I plunged into the thick magazines and newspapers of the period. In the aftermath of a car, as well as a summer cottage and to him I did not think, I did not have time for these fun - this is a very difficult and intense time for me. I hope that our people will be able to pass this way by 2045.     

Questions "Communism Is It cost great sacrifices and great conflict?", "Who is to blame?", "What's going on?" "What are the new values and guidelines?" I was not raised, but it is vital in the atmosphere of the General Staff. Combat training was bad, the various Commission checked mainly theoretical knowledge to fight in the field, arms control and command and no one evaluated publicly and in private life officers inoculated social cowardice, were only allowed to observe the life of society and not to intervene in the public policy issues. Multiple mailboxes dumped large-tonnage equipment for the transmission of two - three words as commands. (Modem Minsk factory to UCS and weighed nearly a ton of spare parts to it). Colonels (real ... ustavniki Marxists - Leninists, obedient tools of superior generals, ready to eat on the orders of shit) sign all acts, and factory workers get easy money. I had no objection experience, for which he received blows from the military and factory workers. One needed reports on high alert due to the new system, and the other employees of the money for the equipment that does not meet their staffing performance. The whole industrial system today overgrown with theft and bribery enrich themselves the new owners and temporarily solidarity with them in this impoverished nation. 
     Unfolded in the country, the debate led to a split in the party in the democratic and conservative, but in the Army and other structures of the split was impossible, and the prevailing state apparatus is not able to workwithout the ruling party . Therefore, the discussion led to the collapse of the state. The country was growing crisis. My favorite Karpov almost kissed Brezhnev, at this time I liked the bright and independent Kasparov.Rigid closed social system of the USSR collapsed like the appearance of bright personalities, and the replacement or removal of any link.

Stagnation and repetitive scene transfer nuclear suitcase from hand to hand the Kremlin elders on TV shocked the entire world.

KGB probably insured restructuring - preparation renewed USSR, and in any case kept lists of officers searching for a way out of this situation publicly (Democrats) and those who hindered the restructuring and then the KGB missed situation, and its structure is likely, and themselves were split after the abolition of the leading role of the Communist Party. The KGB could not have social intelligence. Only the thought of a different social order inspired fear on every sensible Soviet citizen.

In a situation of high uncertainty Soviet President Mikhail Gorbachev withdrew, and the heads of lower rank with trembling hands took the nuclear button under its responsibility, declared to the world that they are not afraid of tanks and introduced, probably for the sampling and peace Army source of his power - worker the people of Moscow.

However, to correct the situation in the Union of the Emergency Committee on the plan for a return to Soviet socialism failed. Applying power in Moscow, the committee would have to use force in all the republics of the USSR and not only in the capitals. Angered by President Yeltsin and a small handful of people in Moscow have shown the scale of the forthcoming violence is likely to follow the situation in Moscow from the Crimea Gorbachev. Putsch scenario, the last adventure of the CPSU collapsed in three days. Broken tip of communists and Komsomol members, in the questionnaires that were written, they cause the party committedin Russia and other Soviet republics were unable to constructively negotiate and gradually rebuild the country and attempt to putsch prompted the collapse of the USSR and the distrust of the Army. The people of Russia and other Union republics began to seek a way intuitively and naturally went hands of local leaders. From local historical time and the nature of leadership we have developed a variety of social forms of government of the former republics. Overall, I consider that the derogation is justified by the Emergency Committee, global trends: democratization, liberalization, human rights guarantees, value orientation, sustainable development. If they do not, they shook hands and firmly stated his method strategy of rapprochement with the technologically advanced West, I would have them believe. But to return just back - or who do not want to. 
In 1991, after the putsch, the collapse of government, and there was a period of new adventures, but led by Yeltsin, I was among other officers systems withdrew from the party by the issuance of accounting cards on hand. and some veterans - careerists, redeeming the records in the personal affairs of the dedication of the party, carried their party cards in ZhEKi and now confuse youth with their red flags under the direction of the adventurers of the "ideological Marxists" of various kinds.

I perceived the policy until now from the side, but after the putsch of nonsense in his spare time has become directly involved in the Movement of Democratic Reforms G. Popov , A. Yakovlev , Anatoly Sobchak .. . At the first congress of DDR 14-15 December 1991 I was in the military form (decided that at least one army uniform should participate in demdvizhenii). At the Congress, I tried to convince the superintendent's "Perestroika" A. Yakovlev, to intercede on top (apparently, by the fact it was not the end of the year of reference and the Congress itself, which brought together the best people at the time, late in time, as well as all initiatives Gorbachev ) that in the circumstances it would be necessary is to maintain a unified army to civil society and traditions in the former Soviet republics of democracy as a guarantor of peace during a heated discussion of internal political forces. But my fear for the premature dismemberment of the Army and the transfer of arms liberated republics and nationalities no one heard. It seems at this congress delegates did not listen to each other, but only acted. Unfortunately, the culture of communication in tepershney Russia is not developed even among scientists social scientists.

V.V.Baklanov looked at me for a long moment and, without saying anything, left the Congress before - its split structure was visible on his face. Strategies to create a new political system was not. Triggering an impromptu CIS. Soon members of the Political Bureau of the Communist Party to move to the presidency of their republics, leaders of all ranks and began to seek change accountants year on all levels, relying on the element of liberalism, market economy and standard of democracy, as the Western or Asian autocracies. Booker made up the balance sheets, counted and reported a loss, but to organize the people, the nation could not.It does not take into account of ignorance, aggressiveness, dominance and the pursuit of the hierarchy - the beginning of all beginnings in the social movement of any kind. Especially after Darwin's theory of natural selection and evolution, social revolution in Europe and Asia on the scene there was a gray man.

Democratic movement has not developed either from above or from below. Of the newly appointed president started his way out of the Soviet Union. In Russia, this time formed the oligarchs and the authorities on the loans for shares purchasing or seizing public property and its removal is not getting along in Sochi, and in the country - winners in the country's "golden billion". I repeated the story of the export of capital from Russia by the Bolsheviks after 1917, under various pretexts.

In the summer of 1992. I was refused in absentia study in the Academy of State Service. Every commander or the farm foreman began to rule in his own way. During the holidays, it would be very understand what is happening, I worked in the executive committee of the Russian branch of the DDR, participate in a forum of supporters of democratic reforms identified as the personality of Yeltsin, which was a lot of emotion from supporters and little constructive solutions from the leaders. In addition, mossy and cowardice of the supporters of the former Communist Party activists helped supporters of "parliamentary" opponents of Yeltsin to organize sabotage, and even then some rational actions of democrats. In August, the "battle" Colonel V.Sadovnik, injured in Afghanistan, whom I met over the summer, with my consent issued decision of the Minister of Defence and I seconded a group of advisers to provide the Minister of Defence of Social Affairs, which was responsible for V.Urazhtsev .

By the end of 1992 in terms of general chaos in half a year I was a 3-year course of the Academy of State Service. Interact with the Supreme Council and civil society organizations in the process of preparing a package of "military" laws involved in the problems of national security conference, I met and spoke personally with almost the entire Russian political elite. But needs of the population and security problems were the main time. That's right, under the leadership of any political forces, with the participation of the state apparatus, to start to pour the nation into the global economic community then no one could. building business Yeltsin Master walked superintendents of perestroika and began to wholesale privatization, his companions - a legal registration of an already divided cake of state property, and the people cast off the mask breech Sovieticus - surprised his own mug and began to enter the social space freed Russia from the back door . Table and chairs, which was shared tidbits in 1992, and now divided. Officials of the old state apparatus began to plunge into corruption, and people deprived of citizenship of experience over the years of Soviet power, was organized in groups for informal aggressive obtaining material goods.

In December 1992,., As a working group of deputy V.Urazhtseva member present at the VII Congress of People's Deputies of the Russian Federation , where the continuation of reforms strongly opposed Luzhkov.After the collapse of the Soviet Union and the abolition of the higher governing bodies there are many unemployed people from among senior officials and experts, rallied around the Supreme Council. In essence, they fired at the Congress team of young accountants Gaidar. Famous Chubais, I did not look - young, but priobschёnny to public administration, it could cause only the envy of peers, careerists from the fraternal republics, seeking at all costs to settle in Moscow, and the satisfaction of thieves that seizing property from the powerless accountants began intensively to complete State inefficiency of the apparatus with which it was easy to agree on the division of spheres of influence and the total pie. But most of all the nightmare Kremlin Palace turmoil hit me in the President's actions and commands danger afoot Khasbulatov political games with the Supreme Council of the scenery and the rhetoric of the parliamentary democracy in the country unprepared for democracy. "Builder" Yeltsin and his team could not agree with the Supreme Council led by "Professor" Khasbulatov. Yeltsin at the end of 1992. was alarmed, his team seemed to me, was mortally frightened. For me, Yeltsin was not the authority, but also a subtle mockery Khasbulatov on Yeltsin and his team have not pleased. In general, I support a policy of democratization of the leadership of the President, under the leadership of Boris Yeltsin, to strengthen the presidency in a country with a peaceful replacement of the Soviet system, the modern parliament and local self-government system. But my hopes were not fulfilled.

On the sidelines of the congress spoke to Zhirinovsky, nice to me at that time politician (I did not want to know anything about his support - he is talented, and support secondary) and to my question "What would he undertook with the sun if he is elected President?" He replied that he would be able to dissolve the sun, and to appoint delegates to the elections for a new parliament as early as 1992. He intuitively felt, and perhaps had strong support from the former KGB, aggressiveness, dominance and hierarchy - the beginning of all beginnings in the social life of the people. In my opinion today bright personality in Russia are usually secret agents or intelligence services based on his or other state apparatus. This is an indicator of decline, or to the limits of a shattered society, people, nation.

Mutual hostility Yeltsin and Khasbulatov, inability to negotiate and provocations against Dudayev and tied in 1992. Chechen knot. The young Russian democracy incompetent policies pushed with a patriarchal people in the Caucasus, jealously watching the actions of the state machine since the conquest of the Caucasus by Tsarist Russia. 
Liberal Russia to 50 million. Qualitatively new population possible in 100 years. Liberalism is now - the same utopia, communism as yesterday. Russia lags behind developed countries and will never be prosperous in the present understanding of the Western lifestyle. The prosperity of Russia can only be understood if a majority of their rational values based on new principles of globalization and informatization civilization united nations. This process is complicated and mistakes can not be avoided. It is hoped that the construction of a new global system will cost less blood than the attempt to connect the proletarians of all countries in the last century. 
The young and vibrant reformers puts aside, and mature and wise sat down in the chair in front of chairmen established their movements for democracy. The leaders themselves, they do not call because they do not want to call Russia in the future. They have lost the former enthusiasm and faith in the reforms went into opposition to the unformed democracy. There was enthusiastic and the people - frantically looking drunken eyes on the newly returned to Russia a social injustice and a heterogeneous opposition, in activities which did not understand anything and a few companions chairmen. It so happened that burning desire to become a Democrat position, I am with Gavriil Popov and Anatoly Sobchak was in the democratic opposition, and created the Russian DDR (Democratic Reform Movement), too, was not to the court - the game in the opposition is possible only in a stable democratic country. In the reform period, the opposition reformers must be curtailed by law, and the people and hurt them both their irrational actions. Criminalization - a consequence of a liberal approach to the reform of the country, the people turn back to the strange steps reformers. Liberalism and the intensive development of the economy are fading. The collapse of Gorbachev's reforms, based on the acceleration of work weary people, led to the recent historical surge of liberalism for intensive personal enrichment. The current transformation of Russia and the developed Western societies, I hope, will insist on the transfer of intensive development of the sphere of material production in the sphere of reason, will create the post of an ideology of liberalism based on the sustainable development of an innovative society. Huge material resources in the personal management thing of the past.

At the end of December 1992. "military" Minister P.Grachevu was once engaged in social programs, and counselors did not show himself, they were sent into retirement, and ensuring the group disbanded. And before that a deputy from V.Urazhtseva through his assistant, I was to make a direct proposal, along with other officers seconded to side with the Supreme Council. I refused, saying that the Supreme Council should constructively to help President Boris Yeltsin and his team (link added 30.09.2013, analysis of the events of October A.Illarionovym I think is appropriate) in carrying out democratic reforms. Soon most of the baked contradictions between the different teams, I returned to my unit in Odintsovo, where he started the service lieutenant and continued on the staff. Without diligence continued service in the Mallorcan positions under the guidance of local "commanders" after three years of travel for "colonel" positions, which I appointed Commander and orders of the Minister. Now I am no longer fit into the system, let me be in the "education" of young people, and I like white crow nimble muddle in uniform start to lift up. I was disgusted, but also because it was difficult to leave the Army. He finds an outlet in communication with Astaschenko AA and other persons of the Democratic party, Odintsovo District. People still easily mobilize wipers for cleaning around the house and "wanted to spit" on the citizens initiative, albeit with an academic education - a habit to submit to government officials, even in the face of the janitor, is above the level of civilization of the people, and apparently will remain so for another long . And to compensate for this it is necessary to introduce the tradition of re-election of various chapters.

In April 1993, alarm., While on vacation went to referendum in Ivanovo observer from the Reform Movement. "The native land of the Soviets" had voted against the power of the Soviets for the trust the President, but of course his new Government of young economists and accountants. By the way, monitors the Democrats nearly broke when the hotel "Tourist" be far from good young businessmen from criminal organizations who felt themselves masters donated them freedom - about the danger of criminalization of the country, I wrote then, but in the executive committee RDDR not given such trifles matter still They returned safely, but that freedom began to use mainly gangsters few people are worried. 
Once again, I decided to study, but in June 1993. as in June 1992. Command did not give me permission to enroll in the Academy of Public Administration under the President in absentia, grossly violated my rights under the pretext that there is no replacing me in a combat operation. So protecting the president, it can be vulnerable from immediate superior. I tried to complain, but to no avail: my rights and "expediency", born in the minds of "commanders", a contradiction that is not resolved in my favor. In congestive Army nominated secretaries and all kinds of staff and non-members and vigilant comrades . Probably warrant Paperwork parts of the central office, devoid of stores, most of them recruited in secret counterintelligence agents and happily reported, and if wanted, and slandered officers. All of this weighed on human dignity and caused distrust among the officers, to the destruction of the Army, when its staff merged with the surrounding gray mass. Near my many comrades in the service received "his" colonel's epaulettes to his gray form. And the most smartly saluted for command and control of automation and communication achievements - the rank of general in the same gray uniform. Create and extend their network and the KGB, its "woodpeckers" usually offers normal career growth and preferential materiel: apartment, car, tours ... In general, the whole country from small to large has been covered with empty oaths of allegiance to the Communist Party rate does not prevent theft, drunk, deprived of value orientation and since the 50s after recovering from the war hampered the development of the country, controlled by the citizens initiative, and during perestroika burst of mutual KGB knocking "woodpecker". Oaths and promises to give the best to God.

After the drama in October 1993 . When adventurers animated scenery of Soviet power (the Supreme Council without the leadership of the Communist Party) and tried by force under the guise of parliamentary infringes on old decorations screw in the course of reform interests, I could no longer passively participate in an event.

On his own initiative, I proposed a candidate for deputy of the Russian movement of Democratic Reforms on 111 Odintsovo district, in spite of the "persuasion" main caregiver Missile Forces and the total absence of support from the executive committee of the Democratic Reform Movement and the so-called constructive opposition movement Boris Yeltsin. Russia collapsed after the Union was undemocratic and developed an intuitive way. The people need a lengthy constitutional process for the identification and accumulation of their values and fixing the generations of civil democratic society guidelines and development of skills for the sustainable development of their regions.

The first free elections gave the "Russians" a new Constitution, and to me a real sense of the level of freedom, and the general political culture, the role of the administration, the proportion of democracy and individual rights in Russia, the readiness of the people to the Western experience of liberal democracy. In our district won Lukin , he liked me at one of the joint action, but we shook hands with him, much more than met. Calling his party "Yabloko", they only confused poor political consciousness of the people. 
For me the important thing was to participate in the leaflet because I included the phrase "Vote for ... A Hero of Our Time" and increased reaction of the crowd, divided the total pie. These were the first elections of yesterday's slaves, worse than slaves, who were allowed to own property ..., in particular his own opinion and that, dropping their social masks, want to immediately become masters. Communist carnival masks from the dictatorship of the proletariat is over, citizens bared their faces and started to free life. Many shuddered, the moment of truth has shocked many and they wanted to go back to the previous carnival, but alas ...

Any constructive activity at that time was for the benefit of the emancipation of the population, its freedom, democracy, and to the detriment of the heroes who risked defend common rather than their own interests .... The accelerated development of the western way of life and the constructive activity of the people, their civil position in the various trade unions, parties and movements, and may now be the only condition for our success in the future. For this purpose it is necessary to send the social management on the unity of the people, understanding their problems, their constructive solutions in the field to meet the challenges to improve the quality of life all over Russia, not confrontation with each other under the guidance of irreconcilable fighters and ardent revolutionaries or their grateful descendants? Only after the solution of social and professional problems in the team, the enterprise collective solidarity born of the people, the social basis for the solution of political problems of society. In the meantime, the people selling opportunities for its quality of life for wages in envelopes, and cheap vodka, from which alone can not refuse.

Of course, the Democrats are not united, because after all, a tough union Bolsheviks led Russia to prosperity. Suppose that for decades under a presidential republic are formed party, but rather elite ... not to fight for power, and for the competition for the right to a 5% improvement in the management of Russia next five years of the XXI century with a smooth transition to the middle of the twenty-first century to universal elite reasonable people individual state and at the end of the century to a reasonable social order in the world.

At the end of December 1993. after the adoption of the new Constitution of Russia with a focus on the individual rights of mine, rather than collective (community) as in the previous, "the commanders and educators", inspired by the defeat of the "democrats" in the parliamentary elections, they gave me a combat training credit, put two and lowered salary, strictly pointed me to a place in the ranks. The team looked down -. And in the Army, he denied Then began the persecution objectionable, (pack of abandoned "bitches" were ready to break any ..., said the new owner, which fortunately at that time did not show up and I had the hope of the emergence in Russia innovative self-sufficient individuals with advanced horizontal connections).

In January, 1994. I am again out of order ", without the team." In local elections on Odintsovo "commanders and educators" have snatched from the hands of my subscription lists (if they knew that thus clearing the way to the other governments, few subordinate entities of the hands that they do not dare to snatch anything. So it happened later - one of the largest armies in the world can no longer protect his people from their same crime, and even supplies it with trained personnel). They naively believed that as a military man I should not actively use their right to vote. Still it was necessary to vote on the team, just like old times, being the systems on the polling station.

In February, 1994. after several years of participation in the democratic movement and the struggle for the adoption of the new Constitution of Russia to the direct action of the articles on human rights, I was discharged from the Army, the new Russia with the manual, but for 24 hours as a warning to silently standing in the line for the current "tradition", which does not spare or astronaut nor the first Minister ... saint. Public administration is empty value systems, it is not even from God, but should be such that the values of the person and the state apparatus is called the Christ, which is there the "sacred" power to crucify "in 24 hours".

We must move away from "traditional concept of leadership" based on God's will, which before the coming to earth of the Son of God, the people were as omnipotent Creator formidable Judge dwelling in unapproachable glory. Jesus Christ gave a new concept of God as a close, merciful and loving Father - "He who has seen me has seen the Father" - said Jesus Christ (John 14: 9). And despite the power of the word in the Bible in various combinations of several hundred times. The situation is similar in our Constitution.

Some officers of the army of slaves envied me, others began to see how I can help my spiritual father in this situation.

If in my place was a soldier, who decided to show civic initiative, it could kill your feet comrades, sergeants, warrant officers and officers in this situation could remain silent. All this is compounded by the collapse of the old Soviet Army in the absence of any steps in the construction of a new democratic army. Chubais and Gaidar apparently believed that the market is in the Army and he will create a new relationship, when a senior will not wipe his ass younger (see the film Mikhalkov Blinded by the sun).

My volunteers for "reform movement" were in a worse position, and we only had a mutual sympathy and hope that democracy hold out in Russia and the new laws will not allow the people again immersed in the filth of poverty and unemployment tear and fledgling democracy with its constructive opposition .

A week later, the military prosecutor Missile Forces four o'clock assured me that the dismissal "decorated" properly (ie public administration machine, which link and it is moving in the right direction) and go to court should not be to protect their rights. I myself did not want to go back to " fighting friends " with a zeal to help "commanders" to check my military training and to issue dismissal from their ranks. And this is after 15 years of joint military work ... They are honest officers, and how the entire population in no way to blame and I have them already forgotten today in 1996, and some say the greeting -. God be their judge . Some continue to be ... a free and democratic Russia, and many fled from the army for one reason or another, without waiting for reward for his zeal in the service of a higher superior. Former activists and partgruporgi, KGB officers traded in markets by using employees and strict operating methods up to the assassination of former comrades who have now become competitors in the business. If they roll back the system could once again hit his chest and reach the activists fighting for the rights of working people. Russia needs a new core of the officer corps of middle-class professionals for the soldiers and the accelerated dismissal of generals coarse animal face. But the middle class continues to accumulate resources and smuggle them abroad, and professional soldiers, few goes.

Russia continues to be in the dark ... national boundaries, customs and free internal markets. "Business people" using today's conflicts continue to plunder the country, pickpockets central regions settled in Moscow, and people continue to die of drunkenness.

Control Mode Army by the Communist Party ( the cornerstone of building and destruction of the Army, the organizer of all the victories and defeats ), under the supervision of the KGB , kontravedki and personal initiative of commanders for inspection by individual subordinates impeded the development of the male population, replacing the initiative and thought warriors, abstracts of primary sources, congress resolutions and parties distrust each other, internally organized in a vertical chain of "empty" of individuals in uniform, able only to look in the mouth or the authorities to suppress pochinёnnyh, indeed at war with its own people. Curb free and independent outside of Marxism-Leninism and thinking of civil intellectuals. Horizontal relations were scarce and caused suspicion of their initiators. In the barracks three "comrades" could beat the fourth and the remaining 70 all have learned to ignore it (the experience of the war in Chechnya confirms that brave 3-4 may forge or destroy a company). The Company still does not like their Army , their officers. Tens of thousands of conscripts evading service, and another Army Russia does not have. New Army officers and new born only quickly in the blood and victories, slowly straighten the situation can only be the decades of peace, a lot of money and time adequate to military personnel, but neither one nor the other to us who does not give sufficient. Not even a methodical development and interpretation of the Constitution for a warrior."Treason" tired and disoriented people will cost Russia dearly, and perhaps the birth of new blood and new ... Army of competitive industry (unfortunately only famous "Kalashnikov" ). Blood and the people a lot, but to pour it less necessary for the talented generals victories and not just the military. Party cells were not working against crime - there is now authoritative and informative person.

Despite the years spent in taking care of me from the Communist Party, I would like to be active, and after his dismissal, but the Supreme Commander at that time did not consider subordinates. Activists demdvizheniya newly emerged personnel officers from Democrats staged test tests of aptitude for Western tests, the mass movement of free people frightened leaders, accustomed to working with Kholuy minority and resigned majority, and elbow among the new "democrats", who believed that they and so many and sofas near Yeltsin's little, I did not want to. He remembered how some honors political training proved our political officer, that they are perfectly other standouts. Current Democrats began to say that they are more democratic than other Democrats. Apparently, the quality of the population is such that we can now only on the third-rate success. There were "demshiza" terms "dermokraty" etc. On one of the forums of democratic forces Smirnov announced request for troops to come ... and then he said that the military came back and did not speak the command, which was: I was disgusted. There has been a clear policy of containment of political reforms. Yeltsin with Gaidar and Yasin, apparently focused on the economy and refused to support the mass democratic movement. It was like a betrayal. Change course during the democratization of the country once again to divide the population, destroyed the first stirrings of social capital and civil society. The media began to compare Russian democracy with developed democracies, frightened errors active citizens. Theorists and sissy were stronger and destroyed democracy sprouts from the bottom. I forgot that no manure will not yield.And it was necessary only to strengthen the police and the democratization of the country to carry out special methods of transition. Thank God that I did not come from the Far East to the forum and I had just come back. Maybe that's why there later, "Far Eastern republic criminal", and all social relations began to develop on the criminal scenario. For example, instead of democratic activists Dudayev advisers Yeltsin their inept actions turned into militants, uncontrolled federal government armed groups in the mountains of Chechnya.

The executive committee of the Democratic Reform Movement could hardly solve only their own problems, with the level of "revolutionary" of the executive committee in my estimation it was lower than the average of the Party Committee of the collective farm of the late Brezhnev era. Rejecting the political leadership of the leaders of "Perestroika", failed to create a moderate and organized democratic movement, was sprayed on the opposition forces to each other. Those who stand and what your did not understand, were scattered, and at the next elections they bypassed "Women of Russia". Then they withdrew from constructive opposition in the garden or have left for foreign countries with stories about the situation in Russia, where many nations and nationalities were freed and weapons to boot.

The process of establishing internal and external relations went ... And in fact pouring into the international community at a time. Leave those who have managed to privatize the choicest pieces of the pie. All this slowed down the development of the new society in Russia. The population considered themselves cheated the liberals.

Units of earning a living, continued active public work. Among them, I pretty S.Fedorov and K.Borovoy .

In Russia began to appear the party of cheap sausages and lovers of cold beer - "Men of Russia", the supporters of the company "Uncle-Benz", promising to fill the country with rice and ketchup, "prepared" to nominate a representative to the Presidents of Russia and collected signatures in Petushki. 
The leaders of the DDR, located in the constructive opposition, I was not fit. They split up and began to compete with each other. Do not get a decent place in the governance system, they moved into opposition in cottages or becoming passive and throwing democratic structures, movement - thousands of active Democrats essentially were cheated and betrayed even worse. I did not come to businessmen, there prevailed a crime and the failed public policies for poorer drinker Myint.

The case has led me to the Moscow mayor's office to the post of the leading expert and favorite work computer consultant . And in the autumn of 1994. I teach the basics of using a computer .

From the personal position of the eternal constructively sow grain, good for ... rolls, pies with cabbage, which will bake ever in Russia to import. Perhaps it will be the citizens of 90 years of birth, were born as a citizen, Personality for global economic management, not the worker, a tool for building communism in one country. Recommendation, which gave me Gavriil Popov, toyed with the assistant business manager of the mayor's office and probably threw in the wastepaper basket.

Not the first time I have left, and associates, not much upset, he continued to teach.

And my former "commanders", having won brilliantly with me, strengthened discipline, increased combat readiness and "honest" got the rank of general, and when war broke out in Chechnya, silently watched the "valor" of colleagues, triple ring forces division, surrounding a company in the village taking aim at each opponent, and then after the application of "Grad" on the village, overlooking on the "misunderstanding" them out of the ring in full view of the public around the world. My former heads of my pants with stripes, seats on the larger size for my ass and enjoy its strategic inaccessibility. Some of them gave, and still give advice to senior management of the country, but watched in silence as the other generals 'power' is not only an abomination of lack of professionalism, but also the involvement of criminal organizations in the elections of heads of administrations. They have won their stripes, continuing the tradition of the civil war, for the rigid guide subordinates in time of peace and compromise with the leadership and the generals of the military-industrial complex. And since I have the body control consultant, then allowed to grow as a sign of rejection of the situation just a beard .

Symbol Reform Movement - "Buffalo" or "Cow", probably accurately reflects the state of affairs in Russia, which have a long "chewing" the values of democracy , and for the attack "Wolves", everyone is entitled to rely only on themselves. Advisors for wolf hunting in our country guiding young accountants are not available, and some applicants to assess their skills with puny Suvorov and put next to impossible ... for the power offensively.

After the confusion of 1996 and the forced extension of the powers of Yeltsin in the election I was able to relax a little and expand the project "Military Academy in the Internet", which is supported by the deputy N.Moskovchenko, but officials from the City Hall project information hub braked, and our team was not able to persevere, and I did it at his own expense. I believe that the restructuring of the Gorbachev and Yeltsin Conversion objective process of social movement, painted Russian stupidity. That's what I appreciate this period, and who and what is said or done in the years progress of the social system in Russia is not so important from a historical point of view, if there were no obvious crimes against the individual.

At the present time (1996) in their curriculum page - "WORLD Boris Mayorov" trying to show problems of change and find solutions to secure entry into the world market and the arrangement of Russia in the world community of developed countries. I believe that life is unique, and the person's identity and the basis of the whole archaic desire for power and very chaotic power in society, it is time to explore and transform into a civilized management . Only control through law and solicitor (law enforcers), corrective behavior of the person according to the law if necessary. Lingering personal violence for thousands of years - the main trouble for Russia especially. Eliminate violence can be realized that the social fabric as well as the entire material world exists in the movement by expanding in all directions. Linear design and goal setting Thousand-Year Reich, Communism, etc. impossible due to the above mentioned basic properties of social matter. New national heyday or the greatness of Russia in the family of the United Nations will form gradually, if the leaders will learn social management. Perhaps in the near future social science makes a breakthrough, and yet out of the crisis and to pour into modern united nations better for Russia as a whole. For the independent entry of individuals with privatized property would need to urgently prepare a bill, and the slaves of yesterday destroyed his mother - Russia, the society does not revive, and then in the global community will only open spaces, which is considered to be ours. For cooperation with Western Europe we must forcefully develop and implement national adaptation program, otherwise there will be constant skirmishes.

I am fond of computer , vegetable garden, cycling, chess, social processes and problems of national security Russia during its entry into the integrated world. To stay in Russia.

The parties do not belong to sympathize Social Democratic public organizations, the liberal dream of a device of our country in the future, global century and try to survive in the real Russia to pay the teacher and share "HERMES-UNION" instead of the voucher, solemnly handed to me in the house with a large commission officers high leadership at the behest of young accountants - reformers. The good guys are - young economists, except that somewhere miscalculated? Their time will come, probably after 2008, and I have them will choose according to their criteria . Just to survive. Privatization was like a simultaneous game of chess with the masters. Many have not guessed at what the course of the game in the privatization was lost.

Back in 1993 I was one of the few used the personal computer to manage, but a special commission of my comrades in the service appointed General Esin, checked me in EU practical application of computers, and invited him to fire me over the poor knowledge of the way it has guaranteed the combat command and control systems and nuclear missiles. I was "kicked out" of retirement, Esin was a great general and soon happily retired, leaving the television reports about the start button for about safe vzlёtah missiles and Commander of the front of the monitor household IBM personal computers.

Experts believe that the cost of the seamy side of fighting is horrible management. On overcoming the missile defense system and hitting the target reports are not removed, our citizens are not gentlemen and did not spoil the reports with the results of their voluntary-compulsory investment. However, they are no longer going to work on a new career officers and civilian officials of departments, folding his starting capital for launches of various projects that until people can not and does not want to control.

Russia froze in anticipation .

Often exchangeable "team" Boris Yeltsin, acting under the banner of liberal democracy could not stop the country's slide to disaster, because of the wrong problem-solving structure through the economy, the morality of the person, the family and the state in general. Liberalism today promotes a separation of forces and resources from Russia to invest them in effective places the rest of the world, and this only accelerates the crisis for the present-day Russia. Only through a spiritual rebirth, is gradually realizing its value , most people will be transformed and will be able to travel from Russia to the Canary Islands for a vacation. How to do it and how long to wait? Again I hope will understand.

Married, two children.

Character sociable , even without bad habits, required almost healthy, almost optimistic.

I am looking for a sponsor for the publication of his lectures on the basics of PC applications.


What to do? Steppe circle ...





Since May, 2002. I decided to continue the text of its history, leaving untouched the previous paragraphs.






In June 1998, my father died suddenly. At his father's funeral in Gus-Crystal and told me stories about the collapse of the family and of life itself of some of my classmates, in the past bright girls. Overall, this was a terrible picture of the population of the revaluation of values ​​and life goals, which were able to survive, not all.

In August 1998, Russia announced its insolvency. Only family and work of the teacher helped me to survive.

Russia is now in 1998. It requires no accountants, everything of value was privatized. Liberated capital flowed into their effective application area. Now, almost out of the blue, it takes effort and each LEADERScapable of organizing creative work of revival of the nation for quality of each individual, family, and Russia as a modern state with a daily and careful integration into the world community.

As long as the world began to take shape Sverhnatsiya as an effective global framework for the free movement of people, ideas and capital to meet the most calculated and transparency requirements of a globalized world of the cell according to the UN literacy or similar structure. Over and above the calculated capacity development will be blocked sverhnatsii elite. Will this transnational elite to take the rest of the nations of the world?

Careless Russia's entry into the global market economy, untrained people and scorched communist ideas initiative of the masses of the central Russia has led to an incredible injustice - the deprivation of the masses of the common property, and through this to the decline in economic activity of the population, the impoverishment of the country and in fact the occupation of nations suburbs, where all Soviet times, many continued to keep his flock of sheep, have your business.

After the failure of elections and repeated in 1997 of proposals for the organization of supporters of Democratic Reform Movement and the Social Democrats through the Internet site and visit in February 1999. 3 Congress of the Social-Democrats of Russia, I suspended my political activity and engaged in their favorite computer technologies. New Gorbachev, who took the lead association of Russian Social-Democrats did not believe it, although he earnestly set to work.

For example, Yavlinsky or Boldyrev came to my mind more on this role. In addition, the new head of the executive committee of the Democratic Reform Movement, perhaps seconded from the former structures of the KGB, Mr. Rydkin refused me in all of my computing initiatives and relied on their artists for the Social Democrats site . By this time dried up enthusiasm for reforms and of our population, and the skirmishers of the initial reforms of the KGB, perhaps, themselves split. At the same time running their individual projects have gained an independent life.

And on TV and in the beginning of 1999 continue to show in Chief Strategic Missile Forces on duty in the form of everyday office desk domestic or school computer. Behind him, 10 tons of command and control relay equipment in an armored type "noodles" cable that does not circulate much more than three Russian letters and three Arabic numerals. Beside him my former bosses in stripes that stroke of the pen on the receiving instruments buried in the ground a lot of money for the command and control and communication systems , and is still surrounded by unquestioningly loyal aides expect the first tree seedlings in the fruits of command and control in the field of its activity Wonderland . However, these fields were around many of the collapsed empire man manager hopes of paradise among the inefficient and cold Russian spaces. 
At the end of 1999. "great builder" Yeltsin made incredible progress - gave the state steering exhausted perestroika Russia , not the hero of Russia, not ... General De Gaulle, as did the French, and fortunate, and neutral officer of his unit, Lieutenant Colonel stock intact rearrangement of the KGB. Perhaps out of desperation, but then someone has created a version of that, and it has been conceived. If we all thought over in advance ... but Russia to such a state should go, go ... and sometimes run.

Russians on a background of a consistent sampling Army and the complete lack of security - the explosions of apartment houses and the prolonged anti-terrorist operation in Chechnya were stunned, made this decision and have chosen Russian President Vladimir Putin. I voted for. Since itself as an army major ran for the State Duma in 1993, when the generals showed complete confusion, and sometimes cowardice. State to fulfill its basic functions to ensure the safety of the public and the glory of God that is not headed by a former corporal then Russia.

In 2001, I was held incomprehensible campaign against Berezovsky and Gusinsky and theirs media, although the economic harm from other channels of advertising in my opinion at least.

After the terrorist attack on 11 September 2001 in New York, I had solid confidence that the beginning of the transition only after the total ban on all the secrets start to the new system of the global world order. All the secret services in the world should be banned as a chemical and bacteriological weapons. All inconsistencies, all the distortions in the identity of products and organizations should be prohibited as well (for example, Apple or LDPR party should wear the appropriate entity name). Prior to the adoption of legislative acts in the majority of modern states, I do not believe by any agreement of any pious presidents. Everywhere lie. I hope that in this I am not alone. Along with the general organizational problems, apparently, to solve the problem of unlimited enrichment of national and transnational elites, reorient it to other values, and publicly released resources directed to the development of the world's population.


2002. Supreme Commander found money to pay the normal Army, the military began to respect after a decade of neglect. For me this is an important move of the President - the regular security officer in the recent past.

It would be to the great Eight agreed in the near future about bringing the army officers for the inspection of states, corporations and individuals for their discoveries in the framework of the law. Val privacy, secrecy, war and crime of a different nature overflowed civilization. Only in 2001-2002. to behold the members of my family and myself was cleverly robbed a few seconds during the day on the street well-dressed older than me pickpocket working a deaf-mute alien seeking outerwear store or workshop on tailoring ..


October 23, 2002. Chechen rebels seized 800 people in Moscow, Alla Pugacheva boldly entered into negotiations, and still capable Boris Yeltsin and Ruslan Khasbulatov reason or does not manifested; for example, could offer themselves as hostages instead of eight hundred Russians and guests. For Yeltsin, the move would be stronger than the will of their political "squiggles" Vladimir Putin. For Khasbulatov demonstration of civil courage and recognition errors confrontation Yeltsin in 1992-1993.


Today, February 23, 2003 for the first time in the last decade Russia worthily celebrated the professional holiday of the soldiers, the defenders - the ancient and noble profession among the sinful people who, unfortunately, unknowingly hoarding their problems, and then forced them to allow in the wars.

Maybe this noise about the holiday is associated with the imminent US war against Iraq - the brainchild of Party policy, which will be responsible for the mistakes of his older brother. I hope that after the defeat of the Iraqi regime in Russia will inevitably occur events of repentance and purification of the burden of their mistakes of the recent past.


April 17, 2003. killed deputy Sergei Yushenkov, nice person to me and politics. So is the fate decreed that our paths crossed, but a closer look was not possible. From him I adopted the name of "radical democracy" when the cowardly officers in 1992. I was asked about the political orientation, I threw them in the face that I was "radical democrat" - now sadly such a response can not afford. It is a pity that there is no place for radicals in Russia ... They are almost always interesting people.

Lawlessness kills Putin should be stopped, otherwise the Russians will drench each other on every occasion and in private walking during the day and at night with a bottle of beer with a sword.


18.09.2003 of the year for me suddenly began another restructuring.

While in the hospital at the estate accidentally discovered that the difficulties with breathing, not only from an injured nose, but also on an extended mission of the aorta and left me to live with this mine in the chest no more than 1-2 years. Management of departmental hospitals in Pleasant discharge me for independent advice. The clinic №1 I was sent to the commission for hospitalization RNCH where me no options have announced that this operation is ~ $ 7,000 in the case of the operation will immediately pay. No other options I do not advise. I am interested in the Commission functions and their patient rights.

During the 23 years of service in the Russian Army, and nearly 10 years of work in the Moscow Mayor's Office could not save money. Pension reserve officers ~ 3000 rubles, salary consultant for Information Technologies in the City Hall and the Government of Moscow ~ 7000 rubles, my initiatives in site building profits have not brought. Our union can help no more than 500 rubles.

The son decided to appeal to wealthy citizens for help through the pages of our sites.

I figured out how serious my situation and who can make the operation cheaper.



On the advice of an expert from the medical insurance company Max-m son appealed to the Ministry of Health and has received a letter with the request to make the operation of the budget bill. This letter I carried her to the commission for hospitalization at RNCH, where I was told that the center is the separation of state employees crowded and cause me over the phone when my turn will reach. I wonder when?

Find out patsienta failed right , and what are the functions of the commission will find out. Reference Commission does not, in clinics and hospitals, doctors have taken a defensive perimeter of a natural market. This occurred in all areas. To establish rules of the hostel in the new conditions likely in 20-30 years.

My generation after the stage of rapid privatization Chubais plans were robbed by their (our) fellow citizens. And now in the country matures a new civil war, and the market prices of entrepreneurs attacking budgetary pockets of teachers, doctors, soldiers and other employees of the state apparatus.

Need to do something. Surgeons and their patients, teachers and students, military and civilians of modern Russia should harmoniously interact with each other in the Russian legal field.

Our Odintsovo district only one candidate for the Sobakin know what to do now. I ask to enroll his son to his appointment.


At the weekend after a busy 45 days of hospitalization found approximate rules:

- Department of Cardiac Surgery Research Institute of Transplantation ;

- Cardiology NPK;

- Scientific Center of Cardiovascular Surgery them. Bakuleva .

Because of the perimeter defense, these rules have not explained to me once appropriate surgeons.

The procedure for providing the population of high-tech medical care on site Russian Ministry of Health is not active , the same site did not found or it is not for the Moscow region.

Throughout sites reports on the division of billions of rubles for the treatment of the Russian population, in a given region, and circuit actions of individual patients with different social status and no purse. Forced to live and act according to the ideas among the many Russian citizens and doctors with patients.


Just in the program Freedom of speech to me and other voters offered to accept their fate and die for a better future, as the repayment to the budget due to the extra-legal privatization schemes in 90 years will lead to great troubles. Nemtsov called to believe him and to die with enlightened eyes, as the Russians, impoverished, dying from disease, cold and crime, according to the SPS leaders should be most afraid of the arbitrary prosecution and prison.

I want to believe him, the brothers oligarchs once earned himself enough money will be taught in a bright future and make us. True, I did not agree. I would like to learn to make now, and not wait for the oligarchs, and the saturation of all the structures of all 11 branches of "power", would be hell to fight it.


I write a letter to the Minister of Health. It is interesting to answer any of the Ministry of Health?

12.05.2003 received a letter with the request and voucher for consultation (hospitalization) from the Moscow Health Committee, I wonder what this means ?.


Summed up the general results of the elections to the Duma. United Russia, KPRF, LDPR and Rodina won the hearts, stomachs and heads of citizens.

I assumed the ATP collapse of cowardice against the oligarchs, but did not think that Apple will go down in history. Chubais and Yavlinsky now friends must fight for democracy, and not to declare their clever ideas, and automatically running macro-economic models in the event of their application. Crumbled their foolish hope that their cottages for the fences, they will continue to watch on TV for the flowering of their model of democracy in Russia.

Of course, I voted for the party Union of Right Forces and Yabloko Lukin from our district, even though he knew that was the last time. Right-wing, political culture and the conductors of these ideas sorely lacking in Russia, and therefore an easy victory in the foreseeable future will not be.

Nadёyus Putin transforms the Communist Party, the motherland and the other left-wing forces in the new party of the Social Democrats and Unity, together with Apple, SPS and other right-wing forces in the right-statists.

It is necessary to stop people cheating scoundrels with television screens on philosophy, political science, sociology, economics, history and other humanities. Let updated by 5% scientific political-economic model of modern Russia offers a year before the election Academy of Sciences after the closed discussions, and in the elections for the implementation of the 5% is fighting one of the two political forces, and always in the interest of the people! Even if people make a mistake, he will survive 5% loss.


Charity website our studio for 3 years of its serviceable and zealous ministry of boiled spelled played a role at the request of the priest. Michael closed, open again under new and more accurate name . The case of the tale by Pushkin ...


Once paid consultations in various medical institutions in the amount of 15 000 rubles, paper organization of my treatment and real tightening of the question of admission to a particular RNCH, I have collected all sorts of help and went to the Research Institute of transplantology, where agreed with the head physician for immediate hospitalization after 08/03/2003 on a budgetary basis with payment of import prostheses, medicines and essential services of care after the surgery, which amounted to 35 000 rubles.

Maybe bad son asked, but the wealthy citizens are not willing to help me money and I decided on the perfect option for me. It was possible to wait for the queue for surgery at a military hospital in Krasnogorsk, but there is the question of hospitalization was delayed because the military surgeons had to give the same money plus their trust, I do not feel them.

Soon I will have a heart operation. It ends the second five-year plan my selfless, teaching apparatus for the Duma, the Mayor and the Moscow Government. During this time I taught up to 2,000 employees the basics of the computer device and the application is not received any letters or improve on "Service" or congratulations on his teacher, nor the service housing. My requests and applications for housing in Moscow went unanswered, and I continue to live in the suburbs on the performance of housing the Ministry of Defence, and daily for 2 hours to get to work. There is no law to a reserve officer who served in the in the \ h 77866 Moscow at K-160 Bole 20 years and has more than 10 years in the City Hall property to give as I said the trade union committee of City Hall. In addition, service housing in Moscow only give wipers, and programmers are not supposed to. And the publicity in this matter is not on the agenda. Democratic Movement G.H.Popova first mayor, and my participation in it is not brought visible changes in lifestyle. Most re-commit ourselves to the authorities, once again contribute to the widening of old sores on the body of Russia. Do not fight the Russians and thus they do not have for their rights. However, my struggle has not given me a lot. But if many were active, then we would be able to bit by bit much.


In 1999, after the collapse of the democratic movement, I met with the Orthodox Church, created a website for the church of St. Elijah of Murom Pechersk, helped organize a computer class for children of the garrison.

The Church is now recovering, expanding its sphere of influence and enter into economic relations. After several years of cooperation with his father Michael from the temple of Elijah Murom any thought that the condition of Russia's revival and purification of her spirituality is the democratization of its internal relations, updating the principles of managing most of the Orthodox Church, with its exemplary, edifying economic openness, the transparency of its budget as a whole and each parish and the monastery in particular. The newspaper "The town is 10", manufactured by the temple of Elijah Murom never publish a report on business activities and only invites constantly to the temple on a high salary cleaner and seller in a candle shop.

It is a pity that the code of moral principles and rules of management adopted at the final plenary session of the VIII World Russian People's Council is addressed first of all the world, not himself, and in this regard ,as is clear from the Regulation, is not going to lead, and a plague without the example of the church as the corruption, bribery and inefficiency of governance can not be stopped amid disappointment the general population in the existing system of social management. Yes, and our population is adequately established social management - wealthy citizens are in no hurry to donate to charity.

Although surgery on my heart projected success, said goodbye to the family and ordered in the event of his death set only Orthodox cross at the local cemetery without the fence. Nothing privatized during his lifetime could not, and I do not need lot after death.


Two months after the operation on my aorta, I restore their physical and creative abilities; I admire the successes of modern medicine and the ability of our local surgeons and physicians , and I thank the Lord for the gift of a few more years of life. It is a pity that the government has spent a lot on weapons against imperialism, rather than internal development and education of our people. The world was again at a loss in front of a new wave of fanatics after fascism and Russian communism. Russia after the conflict of the twentieth century and new disasters if not avoided, can not become a civilized nation.


Today, on the day of Russia national flag picked up information bulletin command Vlasikha garrison and wrote a letter to the President, the defender of national values.

The people in the era of stagnation lived his true plant life gardens and villas, has not fought for their freedom and a democratic state apparatus device, for it did a handful of heroes at the peak of 1991. Who won freedom and democracy, did not destroy the old elite, as horsemen and made a hog woman at the call of Lenin and Stalin , and left their posts without any conditions, previous nomenclature, boasting that the children of the cooks they have become educated elite, ie, in those who have destroyed, the USSR created ... I hope that the wide latitude for the development of a democratic Russia will give a greater effect in the near future, information bulletins will edit young editors prosperous Russia, built without destroying the previous elite. Although reasonable limitation of freedom, in my opinion, useful. Since Russia easing threat to freedom today it is as real as the dictatorship before. In ten years, if not free, then the potential of freedom has grown and continues to grow.


The shock of the terrorist acts in Beslan and fighters with them begins to take place. I hope to hear more from our statesmen and politicians, that the country at the present stage is viable for its citizens: healthy, working, wealthy, free, family, spiritual, loving, protected not in need of housing and other property. It seems as long as the control unit continues to operate on itself, leaving people to fend for themselves while trying to extort from him all the resources.


Citizens of Ukraine will greet their president on Independence Square. I really wish the peace of accelerated formation of civil society in Ukraine, as in the USSR were built 80 years of community workers, not citizens, which led after the collapse of the administration of the working people to the demise of any productivity. Only a free man and a citizen in the naturally formed below a democratic society can productively work in the twentieth century.


The other day I saw on TV a coarse animal face general who among tanks reported about the victory in just over two days locked in an apartment on the 4th floor of five-storey Khrushchev amateur armed groups. A week earlier armchair generals among the panzer group reported about the victory during the day over the five volunteers opposition military group, locked in a private dwelling house.

Then come scenes of coarse animal face regional officials vertical control six months to report on the preparedness of monetization, which was initiated by the builders of communism rallies across the country, creating a set of barriers to pensioners in receipt of compensation; personally for me and other veterans of the Army, forgetting all. After heart surgery I do not get subsidized medicines - there is a pharmacy 7 central MO clinics, buy their own expense - it is considered that 300rub. I'm still out of pocket and can get ... probably someone pay. And it happens, how do I explain the doctors, because there is no opportunity to establish accounting and control in the clinic Strategic Missile Forces. What here to speak about Russia, where officials do not play chess on the computer, and "goat" dominoes and can not organize an elementary account of social cards of every citizen ... and that after the census and voting, when the specified database periodically population and then, apparently, are released - our accounting bureaucracy to anything.

End news stories about the lighthouses of Russian privatization, continuing to spread resources of the people, to export capital abroad and ruthlessly exploit the citizens, importing goods into the country at world prices.

In addition, the Supreme Commander for the whole world, said that he was ashamed of the manifestations of Russian nationalism in Russia today, and yesterday morning by me formation passed the separation contract in full combat gear, a third of which was smoking in the ranks on the go (discipline among the contract to create more difficult than finding money to pay for their work, and this is another reason that forces a coarse animal face generals cling to call disenfranchised young people, and a new elite did not fear for their capital, and against the backdrop of a weak army and other structures unruly export values ​​in affluent countries).

I believe that if the Commander in public will be ashamed, and his Government inaction, these and similar coarse animal face generals led the army of disenfranchised soldiers on the orders of his native intelligence agencies will eat it as eaten before Mikhail Gorbachev. However, this at this stage of Russian reforms can not end and create vertical military and civil administration could plunge the country into chaos and control of military coups - coarse animal face generals and secret services in Russia a lot.

Strong Army, free warriors need only the sovereign people of Russia, which is no. Modern, adequate present Russian Army does not need today's ruling regime, and it will prevent its modernization. And the appearance of Army forces in the absence of a developed civil society and authority of other control structures are almost always fraught with military coups.

To strengthen the society need to be in the background of governance system of monetization and reorganizing, to borrow from the developed democracies, and rapidly create vertical and horizontal national unity, social justice and the active free rations and privileges of citizens, who gained strength in the incubator of democracy would not allow rob yourself and beat your army. Unfortunately we went our own way and we can not manage to become a modern nation with a developed civil institutions.


A grand celebration to mark the 60th anniversary of Victory I perceived primarily as a celebration of self-preservation of the USSR and RUSSIA, ponёsshey the biggest losses, but the real victory in that war, as history has shown have won the nations who fought for the ideals of liberal democracy led by the Western coalition countries. Column generation of winners, provezёnnoy on Red Square, aroused in me the idea of Russia monstrous errors of the people in the twentieth century, monstrous crimes of his elite created by the leaders of the proletariat from the lower social strata, violently tearing men from the plow and the machine.The winners have to ride on their own volgah- Muscovites, led by children and grandchildren.

And as proof of lessons learned last present regime led by President could for the day Russia June 12 to arrange a modest celebration with the passage of the column of open Mercedes with millionaires and billionaires in Tver with the departure of the Red Square to greet the veterans of the Great Victory. And if the people gathered, and veterans will welcome them, or at least tolerate them will be taken, then our cause is just - we won.


This spring and early summer I have lost friends and colleagues: suddenly died V.Slipchenko and V.Vasin. Accept the Lord their souls.

Gone giants, who lived and worked in spite of difficulties. There comes a generation that has yet to learn to live in the conditions created for their freedom.

In memory of his friends decided to publish excerpts from the self-published book L.Kulikova - nice person to me, which I presented V.Vasin and communication with whom I broke in 2000. After the forum, the Social Democrats. Books that I have not met in a store. I hope it was published.


Holidays in July brought me a vivid picture of life created by God the Father in the world:

- To remove bred Goupille I ran to the aquarium rotan from a local lake. Rotan ate males and other smaller fish, and large adult females emissions from the tank to the floor;

- Passed by a tree in the morning, heard, and then saw on the footpath nestling begging voice and flapping wings, he had to fly up into a tree and survive;

- Examples of the desire of the living to survive among the plants and do not count, but the humanity, his intellect still has a long way of development, the formation of intelligent life.

London terrorist attacks - is a manifestation of intelligence, another call to remove the "Rotanov" of a society in which there is hopelessness, threat to the survival of a great intellectual weight. Perhaps whales beaching of despair when underwater encounter huge submarine.

Here is the key definition, inspired by the philosophy of non-violent I.Ostretsova :

Life - a form of existence of intelligence, the Holy Spirit carrier.

Intelligence - the ability of life to develop through trial and error, the accumulation and consolidation of rational behavior axioms in the space-time world.

Reason - it is a manifestation of the rational intelligence of humanity, flora and fauna - the harmony of life on Earth; out of mind any form of mortal life.

An interesting method of measuring human intelligence and enhance the rational organization of society A.Kazmin suggested in his book "Theory of intelligence. How to choose a president?".

01.09.2005 held elections Vlasikha in Odintsovo

18.10.2005 died ANYakovlev. Died statesman, feel free to use force for social control, which is a pity. It is this, and it is not snapped them with Gorbachev. Their error corrects Putin. Just not gone too far in the relationship with our people.

1.12.2005 The people of Germany for the first time a woman has chosen his Chancellor - a measure of the correct course of the nation after the Great War. Our male politicians still need to work a lot to recommend people of a woman to the post of the President and the Supreme Commander.


In Saint Petersburg killed black student from Africa and found near the gun with a swastika.

At this time, reading the last book of AA Zinoviev Tragedy of Russia, he could not resist the replica. 
Went online forum and other places to set out his philosophy and definition of philosophy as "verbiage about the inability to solve trivial problems." 
For the individual a little It manages to do specific things, a philosopher and less. Zinov'ev is not an exception, since in his works are often philosophical verbiage could not result in a solution of banal problems. 
I am not a philosopher, and I can only summarize their views on the features of our age, man and society. 
Today, as a result of scientific and technological revolution of the second half of the twentieth century, mankind once again reinvents itself and in this context, outlines the contours of globalization - a new society of the Earth as a platform for the age of Reason, where the basis of life would be the individual mind a person and not private capital, fences, religion and other national boundaries and limitations . 
Globalization - is the name of social traetorii humanity and its main driving force in this historical period was the United States.

The Age of Reason will enable their potential to all the people of the Earth, and it is very possible they will live not only in the United States. 
Even in the case of a hypothetical samorazvala US picks up the baton self-organized global centers of power with the same vector with the same motion program. Intuitively, this says Zinoviev in his works. USSR essentially walked in the direction of globalization of the world, but its inefficient Soviet way of which he, the boy from the village, who became a professor, regrets. And I understand it very well, because he and his father's successor - an enthusiast of the village, the student soldiers professors. But the fact that the initiative of the United States intercepted whether to pity, can help leaders? An alternative would be a confrontation, and the practice of which many of us still remember and observe today. Of course, globalization is not to introduce a decree, it is necessary to go slowly. Some features of humanity observed thousands of years ago, but the company still far from honesty in a relationship. The man is constantly generated rooted aggression million years. 
Our strong position of the President, the Government and the Duma on the side of the United States and Vosmёrki including could help our young people to send their forces to the vector of globalization and the accumulation of the individual mind. Visitor fluctuations of our leaders in this difficult transition period for Russia are not conducive to the transmission of cultural traditions of the young people of humanity, which own mind and bestowed upon the nature of the power of trying to solve the problem of world order.


After decades of searching for truths in the social movements of the individual and society, thought and intuitive active participation in setting Russia finally can check their steps on the books of management; for me it was an event. I recommend:

1. Khalipov VF Kratologiya - the science of government. Concept. M .: Economics, 2002.

2. Marshev VI History of Management Thought: a textbook, M.: Infra-M, 2005.

3. GV Atamanchuk Management: the nature, value, efficiency: A manual for schools. - M .: Academic Project; Culture 2006.

Excerpt from [2] "Should we somehow respond to the question of why our country and in the post-reform period of the XIX century., In the period of socialist construction in the XX century., And (so far!) In the period of democratic change (the beginning of XXI century .) ruled, in comparison with other countries, much inertia, weak and ineffective if the Bolsheviks criticized the imperial regime for limiting the backlog of advanced countries, while they themselves brought the country to destruction;. If the Democrats liberal, rejecting socialism themselves can never make the country dynamic development and to approach the solution of its problems, which means that for this there are some factors that need to look for. Where are they? in the minds of our people? The skills and its traditional activities? in the ideology and values ​​of the power of the subjects and the control characters with their hand? or still something? Only the study by ypravleniya weight control influences the set power of the subjects or the governing wills, moreover, in cooperation with the consciousness and activity of people opens the way movement along the path of scientific knowledge. "


November 2, 2006 at the Community Centre Andrei Sakharov , I attended a presentation of the book of Yegor Gaidar's "Fall of the Empire. Lessons for Modern Russia, " and that was for me the main political event of the year. I did not hear performances Gaidar more than 15 years. Now he appeared scientist, mature politician, husband to the listeners. It is a pity that Russia is not always time for improvement of their lives, is not courageous and wise leaders at the right time. I would like to say thank you to present Egor Timurovich and wish him every success for the good of Russia. And the fact that he was in his youth a lot of confidence, so this ... more dignity than sin. Who is wise in his youth?

And that abomination of what is happening in connection with the murder of the leaders of the people, so are the consequences of the failure of the democratic movement to enter into a constructive direction, arbitrary internal squabbles since the Democrats could not be firm and consistent since 1991. In Russia not one of General Napoleon . That's the lesson of democracy: the freedom to freedom, and the party to reform the governance of the country, to create a democracy in 1991. It would come in handy, and the strength of the laws adopted and implemented at this time would cause awe and respect for everyone in need of a firm hand of the individual. But alas ... In the current party in power rushing bureaucracy and random people, but a social movement is not quite the right direction for their spontaneous development. Power authorities are weak and disorganized. Repeats the sad experience of party building the Communist Party - grayness take all niche and will again slow down the development of the quality of life in Russia, and the extremists to undermine the vitality of the people. ... Don Rumata of "Hard to Be God" once made a momentous observation: when the greyness dominates, sooner or later it is replaced by black. Still slow steady development of the political system better mobilization variant of a bygone era of intensive development of mankind.


Today is the Day of the Constitution of Russia and I want only one thing, that on all the front pages of the media channels and there was an announcement of the fifth national program called the National Guard.Enough already of poor talent of all arms of the people called the police. It is time when public certification skomplektovat professionals of the National Guard from the police, internal troops, riot police and all emergency and other forces. To every extremist only when a National Guardsman fell in awe, and a good citizen felt confident.


Gone 11.03.2007 regional elections. So much dullness and dirt that now only the national guards and can be entrusted with the electoral process. Commander of the National Guard - Chief Electoral Officer to the development of democracy in Russia. Suppose that such a procedure will continue for 100 years or more. People must grow to a civil way of public life. Trust the people (citizens under the constitution), the court and the election is still too early. Along with temples (now being built on level ground in Odintsovo church in honor of St. George the Victorious), it would be necessary to create jobs and build public and political centers, citizen parks, not to tormented modern man, where man would be able to direct their attention to himself and his neighbor, discuss their problems and feel their people and perhaps all mankind. Such an initiative could be developed in conjunction with the existing centers, such as the Museum and Public Center. Andrei Sakharov . In the meantime, the idea of developing enthusiasts, like the hero V.Cherepkova Vladivostok . 
Projects of these centers must be created with a small park, where ever there are reading rooms, halls and rooms of oratory and other parliamentary parties and social organizations, trade unions. And only through dozens of years in these centers will present their projects to the value-oriented management for the sustainable development of society, national elites and nuggets of the people, which the state guarantees equal rights and freedoms of man and citizen, regardless of gender, race, nationality, language, origin, property and official status, place of residence, attitude to religion, convictions, membership of public associations or other circumstances will vote for their projects and programs implementation directly on the modern means of individual registration of opinion, not through representatives in parliament or outside faces of the current leaders artfully decorated parties. In the meantime, religious temples are being built, which are not saved from bloodshed or Chechnya, or Iraq, and maybe that's temples with uneducated fanatics of faith will become centers of inter-confessional conflict in the future of Russia. If we are in ancient Iraq cut each other brothers, Muslims of various denominations of Islam, the artificially enhanced Russia various religious destinations through its fanatical adherents will bring the nascent civil society in Russia more harm than fanatical Bolsheviks.

Religion, Orthodox Church, will not be able to unite the people, to generate in it modern culture. The modern age can only be based on human dignity, taking into account all the values konkreinogo community, civil initiative of the masses and direct ownership socially useful objects, starting with the common dwelling houses. The era of the anointed of God has passed and her return is fraught with a lot of blood. We need effective and different "combiners" of the people, social network communications, and is merged people only smoke fatherland, smelly entrances and half-empty libraries, churches, sports facilities. Even the great Russian language in the media and only works on incitement of hatred in the vast Russian plains. The main parent, civil society can act only unifier of democracy from below, supported by all branches of the control ( power ), and if the company does not add up, does not unite, it is a direct signal for the re-election of the ruling party or the reform of the state apparatus of any structures.


In Moscow Mstislav Rostropovich was buried cellist.

Spend the maestro on his last journey to the Novodevichy cemetery came dozens of famous people. Among them, Naina Yeltsin, Yuri Luzhkov, Ilham Aliyev, Queen Sofia of Spain, the French leader's wife Bernadette Chirac, and other prominent representatives of progressive mankind.

on 28 April and I had the honor last bow to the great citizen of Russia.

Yes, it was not an endless stream of grateful citizens. There was not a lot of grateful contemporaries. Endless streams of people 70s - 90s, to which I was on the orders of their commanders consisted of persons of a different quality.

The funeral of Boris Yeltsin , and M.Rastropovicha K.Lavrova the last days of April, the beginning of improvement reflected the society, the people of Russia, who began his path to citizenship in a democratic country.

Russia has a constitution but no citizens. There is great music, but there is no audience. There are talents, but they do not have fans. There are Nobel Prize winners, but no grateful compatriots ... Had Russia is doomed to eternal grayness, to talk about the weather of the population?

It is time to stop the mobilization development, enter into an alliance with Europe and to draw from the culture in exchange for their raw materials, gradually increasing the quality of civic life in Russia. How it is done, for example, the Turks: Someone Ahmed from Turkish villages came to work in the Moscow market, married a Muscovite, who bore him six children in a row and after that he has taken away the family in his native village in Turkey. However, she then "come round" and divorced him. But what a hero Ahmed - our own tough guys in Razvalka only with a bottle of beer can walk down the street. And to go to Istanbul and from there to bring his wife and six children - is weak .

Anyone who has been in a Turkish village, confirms: the comparison is not in our favor.


Yesterday on TV channel Russia walked film "Winter Storm Denial.", Director Galina Ogurnaya production: 2007.

The film is dedicated to the 90th anniversary of the October Revolution. The filmmakers present their version of one of the key events of the twentieth century, based on newly discovered facts and documents and studies of authoritative experts. Who was the real organizer and leader of the October Revolution? What was the secret role of Kerensky before and during the revolution? What were the military forces of the Bolsheviks, as well as where the militants were preparing a "revolution" in reality? And what was its true purpose? All these questions are answered in the film, tipping is still well-known myths about October 1917.

Of course, an absolute monarchy to hinder social development in Russia, but the February revolution (even if initiated by the intelligence services of countries opposed to the war) could not lead to a constitutional monarchy or a republic, the people were not ready. There was a collapse of the state, as in the days of perestroika M.Gordachёva. Apparently, Lenin desperately seeking the interest of the people by the political struggle by small forces and the defeat of the tsarist slogan in the period from 14 to 17 year was the justification of his deal with the enemies of Russia. That led to betrayal. The coup led to the civil war . After the war, in the struggle for uncontested governance conspirators use force and destroy the weakened Leninist group. Stalin , who may not be used by sponsors, headed updated vertical power relying on force, thereby compensating for the lack of money and expertise in all governance structures. Because of the artificiality of revolutions on the basis of power in Russia does not develop a political culture that provides the functioning of games;because of the pressure control does not add vertical system of social relations and civic culture, and the personal moral and ethical image of the average Russian needs in many of the properties and the quality is far from the average Western European.

After watching this film I have only one desire - to demand the trial over the February-October 1917 military coup. It is time to re-create an authentic picture and try to objectively evaluate those and subsequent events. After all the revelations of recent years was disgusted to walk on the streets of revolutionary terrorists and mercenaries of external intelligence, look at the conspiracy sites , have accused each other in enmity to the people and knowing involvement in his and his associates to foreign intelligence services, organized mass repression in the name of great objectives (know Had these dropout, which now accounts for the needs of reasonable limit), reinforced savagery performers that awakened and another tradition - to the neglect of the people. In the country, as in the time of Gogol, still live on the dead souls. Frostbite Russian population still fooling, lie and threaten. Only controlled from outside the public administration may prevent the rampant criminality in the country, and economic crimes. Bankrupt at the beginning of the way Marxists-Leninists-Stalinists in three waves of its global revolutionary plans traumatized Russia: 1- adventure with the world revolution and civil war; 2 Preparation for the capture of Europe and World War II; 3-arms race and defeat in the "Cold War".

If we want to live a full life and develop it's time to turn to the cultural and historical roots of Russia and create real world , society, civic initiatives, prohibit all mysteries and secret organizations (to go beyond the slogan of 1917 .: "The publication of the secret treaties"), jokes and slander, gently joke ... lished society should be revived in the real world, not to lie, and teach everyone to live freely without fear above all the state apparatus.

I see only one way - the globalization in alliance with Europe and the US: Russia can control is only the bureaucracy with the avant-garde as the party in power (primitive version), but it requires a set of laws-limiters for the crowd and the adherents of the new order , which are present in our weak and sick society. Party government formed by the President group, which seized control of the state (the power) . Therefore, all efforts for the next 50 years should be directed to the observance of the turnover of the Russian President on the Constitution and preparing the elections to the elite World President. Political parties are likely to wither away over the years. Niche transition to civilization is best to give the two parties: United Russia and Fair Russia - even compete for the good of the people, replacing each other on the political stage, without involving the people in a tough political fight (yes, it is - a primitive version). The reality is that not only the head office, but not every Brigadier longshoremen open to members of his team: snitches all verticals influence different operas and one department to cover the continuous network. Particularly dense network in Moscow, in the scientific and military bases under the Central Government: informer always glad to dialogue, but rarely express their opinion by a public without orders from above: in my opinion a typical image of the informer. These secret goslyudi of the Political Department of the KGB, counterintelligence , criminal gangs guarded, conserved mode, thereby reducing the political culture of the population, and today it remains primitive and lack of democracy; be prolonged unfreezing people's initiative, building democratic societies, cultivating trust and openness of the whole society.

It is possible that the ATP, Apple and other parties should unite with the Unified and Fair Russia. Earlier, I suggested that democracy in Russia and the SPS is suitable for the elections in 2008 prepared, but unfortunately made a mistake. Nikita Belykh must fight for the freedom of another 10 years, and only in him and believe he can really put people to choose from the ATP.

The leader indicated shake the pre-election period in prison or plow in the political field, but not declared to the people before the elections, after working at the bank and at rallies urge to sing Ale-Ale ...- disgusting.Neither democracy nor the Democratic Party has not yet added.

I will give voice to Putin and his team - let them try to implement their plans. SPS and Yabloko must also join Putin's plans and did not participate in the elections. This will be a strong move, designed to consolidate the nation. Stop confrontation, the opposition in Russia should only be constructive. If Putin's plans can not be realized, that's when the United Democrats with the leaders working for years in 2012, must win, and mature people can support them and again try his hand to democracy-building! If Putin's team to be successful, it will be the basis for Russia's political culture. If not, and the tyranny of our population is useful Kholuy spirit of Russia has not erode long. And the young leaders hardened. In short, losing by Putin's leadership is impossible. And he does not extinguish mass rallies in his support, as did Yeltsin and its surrounding so-called democrats who are temporarily put on sofas.

Before using the schemes of democracy to our people, we must first create a material and spiritual base of the nation is gradually learning to self-organization and direct democracy through social movements, trade unions, clubs, clubs, workshops ... may depend on speed of this process on many factors. But do not rush (complex version of a social society for change management in the process of solving creative problems should ripen). The entire twentieth century was the century of the gray people, often looks beautiful, and charismatic leaders, often bowlegged and pockmarked prescribed in criminal law favors for crimes committed in the affective state. I hope that the new century will be the century of open elite, the social hierarchy on the basis of reason and social solidarity of rich people, condemning the violators of law on thin technologies without any privileges.


Kasparov's arrest for 5 days - the beginning of a certain era in Russia. If the seizure does not mark the beginning of the tradition of the rule of law, it will be the beginning of the era of lawlessness. We will see...


a total of more than 75% of the vote, was offered to nominate Medvedev as a presidential candidate, "United Russia", "Fair Russia", the Agrarian Party of Russia and the "Civil Force", scored in the parliamentary elections on December 2 - On Monday, the four parties. God has not forgotten Russian and gave us one last chance!

In my opinion, Medvedev best candidate for the presidency. The strength of Russia will grow through investments in human; bondage must disappear from the expanses of Russia. And the first step - hired a professional Army, the second - a protected work, the third - the openness of society and personal property. As a rule of law would be good to introduce penalties for failure to appear for the elections, I think our people and citizens of the accounting system ripe for this.


In August, during a holiday in Gus-Crystal Event enforcement Georgia world perceived me ambiguous. Today, it seems to me that the deposits selikata around the city of my childhood and adolescence are not converted into semiconductors due to such events. If my fellow countrymen to continue to do the traditional bottle and faceted glasses for alcoholic from Ossetia and other regions of Georgia by sending their sons to guard battalions, the local peace enforcement, and investing in the local security today will make it impossible to innovative products tomorrow. And this, in my opinion, is much more dangerous for nonchernozem central Russia!

The Russian people need sustainable development with elements of the liberal wing of the West (Russia still possible for these liberal development methods, as have the resources), and we do not need to return the iron curtain on the basis of the local forces, converted into the country or to its nearest neighbors.

In my opinion, the world is becoming globalized in three axes: by force axis (took two world wars and now the leader of NATO and had led Warsaw Pact are vector on peoples integration would be the same), in money-axis (the global financial crisis after the 20's s not uncommon and is now leading US banks, had led the Savings bank, the differences would be too small), on knowledge-axis (a vivid example of the Internet, which is leading the US, but Russia could lead and the difference would not be significant). If so, we do not oppose the objective slip on these axes, NATO would be able to promote order in Georgia, and science and extended contacts with the West have already helped over 5 years to turn Meschera in US analogue of the Silicon Valley. However, the reality is that we have the same values, but different implementations. Social development, while Russia falls behind. Within the country there is a serious and brake it, in my opinion in the social management, leadership system, leadership relations, human relations, as the people themselves. To the nascent society cadaver masses last was adequate to modern challenges and formed its structure, including the middle class, we need a few five-year plans are not quality goods, and human: even out or zoom in human and social capital of the Russian population with the potential of Europe's people.


Gone from the life of Muslim Magomayev, leaving the happy moments of the past life. The Army in 70th Magomayev, a record with a song in his performance "Wedding" played on Sundays, all companies and this song, I'm sure, to maintain discipline and order is better than ten thousand ensigns, and often compensate for their absence-presence in the barracks.


The most important thing in the end 2008 - is the completion of my son on his thesis on leadership for sustainable development, control values based on the dignity of every human being . Of course, the protection of scientific work has been postponed indefinitely, but the graphic results of his research with his permission, I have the honor to submit to the judgment of my readers. Personal happiness - is the reliance on human dignity and development, good-natured chat, relationships (social capital) on the values, all equally commemorated. We should not forget his dignity - that's 10% of happiness! (More 1993, I ran for the State Duma and in my program were these 10 values, but in 2008 turned into a value system based on the merits and later, in 2013, the image was corrected. The advantage of 100% correct to consider in the calculation of happiness).

Of course there is a local fortune: at work, in love, in the house, the money ... but it is better to have a genuine, value-oriented. The future of leadership on the basis of human dignity.


Vertical control Russia (79 words about the power of the Constitution) without a horizontal component (of 2 words of the dignity of man and citizen in the Constitution) has proved to be ineffective in investigating the case of Anna Politkovskaya and Paul Klebnikov and earlier. All of this confirms the need for further organization of social management systems based on the modernization of enlightened unity of command and democratization based on the dignity of every citizen and renewed leadership Istemi .

The current public safety less an acceptable level for a democratic country and it is clearly in need of democratization of openness, distributed and mobility, but there is no reliable protection of the property, there is no affordable housing, is not working financial system; environmental problems caused by free men, ruining the health of generations; closeness of the administration of the people, who could know and respond to the situation, aggravate corruption.

The onset of the global crisis calls for the most serious relationship to social science and systems of global leadership, it is necessary to immediately make changes to the "standard" social capital of the individual in relation educated and dynamic people: otherwise, in our conditions, people can open a war of all against all. For sustainable development it is necessary this time to adjust the top leadership system in Russia.


The movement of social matter (subjects and organized human communities) reached a global level. Now is the time to optimize. I am afraid that no one will stop the slide of mankind into a third world war - the first global war in which humanity refuses to goal-oriented outlook and will move to the value-oriented behavior under the protection of the global rapid reaction force. Perhaps, at the legislative level, the international community will check the development for each region. Otherwise, sustainable development will not work.

But the most important thing is that no one will make an analysis of the causes and consequences of the current development of society - in the living can not stay dates thinkers, which now is not enough.


Colonel Victor Barvenkovsky in the newspaper Vremya Novostei N ° 44 of 18 March 2009 again highlighted the deeds "committed party of former officers of the General Staff" - the current Strategic Missile Forces veterans. On Vlasikha political department officers took away only the characteristic of the "party of the case committed" in the personal file, sometimes there were the words "boundless betrayed." These are the pages of the history of party building in the army, in a single garrison. History of accelerated development due to external threats and deceleration of the space industry, artificial, ideological confrontation with the United States a poor country with dedicated "business" of communism officers. If in the characterization of a decent officer instead of "Party cause betrayed" put down more objective records, such as a decent citizen, functional, tough athlete, rich, a good family man or hereditary military likes to native history, wildlife and nature, literature and music comprehensively educated, ethically correct, innovator, inventor, innovator ... such amount could grow to the desired quality of the people. A dedication to the cause of the party crumbled to dust. It will happen soon in North Korea. Sometimes I ask the veterans if you appreciate the world, whether you appreciate the phrase "devoted to the Party", they reply that treasured. But by how much? They answer that 500 $ is also on the road do not roll, and on the orders of Leonid Brezhnev could burn the whole world capitalism and violence. And for many ordinary values are not clear, or equivalent party, corporate.

By analogy and our Russian lads in different areas of greater Russia "devoted to the cause of the gang", but by how much? Certainly, most fraternities worth no more than 500 $ . And only a few in all of its corporate values provide its members with a tolerable existence. However, the examples do not know, and the value is not formalized for unambiguous interpretation and measurement, and we have adopted a constitution, but does not read on their own or collectively, or through the media .


For Russia, the federal law on monuments, the names of streets, squares ... It is necessary to provide that individuals can be perpetuated only through a hundred years, to local laws only after 50 years.! Otherwise Affaires Russian associates, associates and the lads did not understand, and then in 1000, and the citizens will wander through the squares and avenues of thugs.

In my opinion successful was a monument to composer Aram Khachaturian opened in 2006 in the center of Moscow - in the park near the House of Composers in Bryusov Lane with the First Lady of Russia Lyudmila Putina, Armenian President Robert Kocharian and mayor Yuri Luzhkov.

The bronze monument by sculptor Georgy Frangulyan and architect Igor Voskresensky sealed by the maestro in moments of creative inspiration in musical instruments surrounded almost at ground level.

Aram Khachaturian has created a world-famous ballet "Spartacus", "Gayane", symphonies, instrumental concertos, music for the films "Masquerade", "Admiral Ushakov", "Othello". It is known in the world and his compositions for theatrical productions.

But the most important success is for the memory of the people that the local children love to play around with their palms and two feet, the polished monument.


Another chance for the people - whether it will be able not to miss the legitimately elected President?


Accommodation in Gus-Crystal


I believe that the current publicity and the reliance on universal values above all promotes the development of Russia . If people are disoriented and silent may experience spontaneous or planned putsch to eliminate social or technological collapse.


I noticed that old. They began to annoy the young advisers country's top leadership, broadcast on TV. For example, they say that the 13th year we will establish, deepen, extend and proizvedёm. But why even 3 years ago is not established, it is not deepened, not expanded and not made - are silent.

As an outcome of the work of the teacher updated his book about the computer user , some praise.


I listened to the radio Ekho Moskvy transmission Eugenia Albats involving Elena Masuk. What brave woman! It is a pity that these little personalities. And they need a lot for Russia, very much. Although there are sprouts.

However, the case with ordenonosnogo military colonel uniform with nadraennoy fittings, place your photo on the site, and dared to ask questions about Footcloths former civilian minister with red hair and not the Minister of War his pores about the death of comrades in Grozny, it is difficult to qualify. Is it Heroism ? Asking questions ought to be better each start with themselves, practicing civic consciousness!


Watched on TV the transfer of Stalin with us - struck me ordenonosnogo Colonel threatening liberal media, sprouts society some future punishments in the name of the fatherland without society under the control of the newly established administration, merging into a single glass of the church fathers and the fathers of the godless vanguard of the working people. Abomination such a threat from the military in our time in Russia is obvious. Warriors of our young democratic republic must protect the rights and freedom, including the freedom of citizens thinking in any legal direction in accordance with the Constitution. It is very important to find a way out of difficult situations of human development in the twenty-first century.

Yes, even some figures on the transfer of small clear red feats Georgian - Stalin , shamelessly humiliated all, and most importantly, those who remember his misdeeds, insulted the memory of millions of victims on his orders, they humiliated and my self-consciousness of the citizen. Police to these bullies provocateurs or does not get, and the society as well as learn more personality in the discussions and research findings to assess the social movements and actions chosen leaders, learn to admit mistakes and to glorify the victory of the people.

It should be more widely practiced public debate to improve the culture of the emerging society, strengthening the solidarity of our people. Inviting such transmission, it is necessary to prevent and participants and spectators that all the above will be appreciated by society and law enforcement agencies. And one might think that the performance on TV outside the legal field.

In those days he was buried Gaidar, who undertook to save Russia in 1991. Duma refused him the rank of "father of the regime" and did not want to stand up and honor his memory by standing. After such an act would be good to create the commission and to assess its activities to date. And it is not clear: silence can only vote ass of himself, and the deputies - they are representatives. Who and what are they sit in the Duma ????????????? Do not sit on the eggs of the same?


Problems of sustainable development and global partnership 
Thinking watching television 13-16 January 2010 

watched footage disaster in Haiti, the death of the UN Office on the island ... and somewhere to go hope for a peaceful way to replace the intensive development of a sustainable, and after watching Dmitry Medvedev meets with leaders parties on the political system of thought about the general social development in Haiti and Russia, about the ongoing weakness of the progressive mankind throughout the ages. 
Two hundred years free of Haiti and almost a hundred years, free from the king of Russia could not build a life acceptable to the country. Both countries are in the lead in social experiments, both widely used military force, but one interferes with the heat, others, probably - cold. But I think -. Administration, substituting for the natural and historical social ties people 
«25 November 1998 
the Security Council in its resolution 1212 (1998) of November 25, 1998, extending the mandate of the Civilian police mission for the United Nations in Haiti (MIPONUH), confirmed the essential role of international assistance in promoting sustainable development in Haiti and invited bodies and agencies of the United Nations system, especially the Economic and Social Council, to assist in the development of long-term program of support for Haiti. " 

something no reports that the UN Security Council and other UN bodies are transformed into a World Government with a global response forces to support sustainable development or other concrete steps towards a sustainable development of the system. 
for example, immediately after disaster in Haiti can be forces of global governance, with financial support of the world Bank and the scientific recommendations of the UNESCO and other cent of world science to develop a program for the implementation of sustainable development of the earth of the island. 

It's a shame, but the Millennium development apparently Goals will not be achieved by 2015: 
1. the eradication of poverty and hunger 
2. achieving universal primary education, 
3. promoting gender equality and empowering women, 
4. reducing child mortality, 
5. improving maternal health, 
6. combating HIV / AIDS, malaria and other diseases 
7. ensuring environmental sustainability, 
8. Develop a global partnership for development.

Statistics for Russia for 2008

Birthday - 1713947 
Died - 2075954 
Marriage - 1179007 
Divorce - 703,412

The population of the district as of 01.01.2008 - 45.5 thousand hours.

Population of the city:

1926 - 17.9 thousand. 
1939 - 40 ths. 
In 1959 - 54.2 thousand. 
1962 - 59 ths. 
In 1967 - 63 thousand. 
1970 - 64.5 thousand. 
1973 - 67 thousand. 
1976 g - 69 thousand. 
1979 - 71.6 thousand.

1982 - 73 th. 
1986 - 75 ths. 
In 1989 - 76.3 thousand. 
1992 - 76.9 thousand. 
1996 - 75.9 thousand. 
1998 - 74.8 thousand. 
2000 - 73.4 thousand. 
2008 g - 61.9 thousand

2009 - 61 thousand.

Statistics on the city and region Gus-Crystal in 2009

City of Goose-crystal

Birth - 752 
Death - 1278 
marriage - 684 
divorce - 289 
paternity - 139 
adoption (adoption) - 10 
change of name - 24

Neighborhood Goose-crystal

Birth - 490 
Death - 1048 
marriage - 152 
divorce - 160 
paternity - 76 
adoption (adoption) - 3 
change of name - 8


Most deaths in the countryside! This means that the extensive development is impossible. What kind of modernization - it is necessary to stop the extinction .

I believe that now is not enough to look after the work of the public initiative, an entertaining movie, a concert of the stars or the victory at the Olympics.

The life of each should be of high quality, value-oriented, based on the dignity of man.

People need to take care of the regeneration of the life of every citizen, and not on the achievement of Records individuals. 
Record the destruction in the twentieth century, millions of people in Russia during the arrangement of the inner life empowered by the "people" have created a passive person who is unable to understand the dignity, while continuing to indifference to look at the brutal era symbols - monuments to Lenin, the names of streets and towns ..., coexisting with legacy command bureaucracy, "imprisoned" in the breaking of man. The population at the beginning of the 21st century exploiting all the politicians of different levels to housing managers utilities. Apparently, we can expect stagnation to a new generation of politicians, who are able to sum up the twentieth century, Russia and most importantly the newly reinstated in human dignity and a firm's value social orientation .


After 1967, once again completely scanned film Vertical. Many of his dignity negate and drink before going to the mountains, and smoking Luzhin route. S.Govoruhin and, for sure, smoking and drinking hudsovet ensure the development of young people smoking and drinking for decades. Then the girls smoked in 1967, and the drunk girls I did not see. These films present pledged Russia.


On this Good Friday on TV channel "Culture" watched the film by Andrzej Wajda, "Katyn," Wajda treatment of participants and spectators a small discussion, a replica of the Russian elite after the film and could not sleep, leaving no post in this blog. The film once again confirmed the need for a rethinking of the twentieth century, or the bureaucracy and will be referred to as the mechanisms, tools and complement LEADER, which together constitute the foundations of the traditions of the present leadership of the system with which it is time to part maturing humanity and Russia most of all - it is chronically ill. In -moemu A. Wajda could strengthen the image of a company MECHANISM silent soldiers with shovels instead of a bulldozer. This mechanism, which participates in the destruction of the future of Russia, without competition are accepted in institutions held command positions and laid the traditions of the present bureaucracy.


It died down a salute in honor of the completion of 65 years ago, the Great Patriotic War. Yesterday 65 times has been repeated in the Victory Parade that terrible war-catastrophe.

And in a show of strength in our country sets up social orientation of many citizens, especially our young people. 
The only lesson of this action is to believe that our soldiers should be taught to walk because walking NATO soldiers. Their step - a step the citizens who love their country and are deeply conscious of their dignity, their values. Such men are very strong. Maybe the girl in our Army, will serve as a catalyst for the dignity of the combatant soldier.

I write these lines, as already hurt my feet, that I was hitting a backhand on the parade ground for more than 20 years, the heart aches for Russia's future. Time to replace the empty step hammered tin soldier on drill training school based on human dignity, and then an appeal can be sorted out. Temporary slavery in the Army does not meet the country's needs.

I remember how insulted me, commands, shouts of "Above the leg, pull socks !!!" Probably, someone came up with such a step for the soldiers, and even mandatory drill to teach this step. Probably, to arrival in the Army man he felt no ground under his feet, a man without dignity, as even the walk is a two-legged creature is that the entire service is less reflected marching. And I thought, looking at the dignity of walking guests of our 65th parade, army reform should start in the first place with the reorganization of the drill, which is all its combatant techniques should emphasize the presence of a soldier of his human dignity. 
And coming down, many veterans will be able to save even strong legs.


Analysis of the current events of summer 2010 showed - our people, and after the 65th anniversary of the Victory in the Great Patriotic War has not yet become masters in their own land, the citizens of a free and democratic social republic. The administration of the current ruling party in the transition to democracy could not develop an appropriate strategy. People freed from mobilization style totalitarian regime continues to be indifferent to what is happening around. Judging by the picture hotbeds of fires is characteristic of both Ukraine and Moldova. The ruling party and there and we are not responsible, but the people and asks them, because the people did not create them. Hence the way people from a totalitarian state to a democratic self-government will be a long one. 
The power of the state was sleeping, but people instead of it does not appear of their own strength, property, cash and developed means of payment, its own ethical rules of everyday communication. Weakened regime in Russia could not updated vertical control adminstratsiey compensate its former strength, did not become public and richer, and wiser. Administration, declaring a state of emergency or the institution of the criminal case anyone has not scary. These signals for even the poor and organized in civil society indifferent people, and officials even ignored tier below. 
In addition, there are constant interference in certain regions of self-organization of the people. For example, in the town of Khimki something does not happen the consensus between the administration and the people on the local deforestation. E.Panfilova resigned: assistance to the people in the organizations of civil society - is not an organization of children or adults at dances. Abandoned to their fate civil burned in hot weather, the human factor is a great Russia; burn and recently separated themselves from the people of Russia in Ukraine and Moldova - we still have the overall proportion . And against the background of fires occur scandalous dances for young people at Lake Seliger, supported by the President and the Prime Minister. All this action appears at least not to the point; the more that fail each year required the State gathering of young people in the Army. Strange, but the Army is going to be happy, and the only woman from the province.

And if they extinguish fires here and there, it is only by the mobilization. For example in my city youth, Gus-Crystal in summer 2010 , as well as in summer 1972, a new local administration imposed by the city as the head is not a local man (God grant him health and success), not remembering anything and nowhere to cook promotes extinguishing fires in the region almost the same forces - soldiers on conscription and shovels, which is not enough. Such large fires in drought arise only because there is no tradition of local self-government: none of strong entrepreneurs, and officials take their place in the ass mostly for their own enrichment, and there could not care less. But the houses are burning as well as the neighboring huts. Fire does not recognize administrative boundaries. The air over the city and the area is one, bedbugs and fleas crawl out of the apartment homeless in apartment with renovated.

It would not be late with the development of civil society. After some well-being does not solve the problem of all.

Only the inclusion of a rigid rule of law, commitment, initiative and fairness in every action possible to avoid similar and more serious disaster.

At the same time our population remains unprepared not only to democracy but also to the packaging of products that people are scattered everywhere. Advertisement ladies cigarettes and beer led to the fact that girls and young mothers, as they think, effectively tightened and gracefully throw cigarette butts everywhere, even in the grass at the kindergarten or a wooden house in the village.


The resignation of the mayor of Moscow and the appointment of the President of the new mayor and outlined for me the next milestone of my story.

Thus, from October 1994 to October 2010 it was 16 years of my selfless work in the City Hall on the same engineering positions with the main responsibilities of training members of the staff skills using a computer.I hope my colleagues managed to raise the performance of selfless work unit by 3%.

The fact that the new mayor the appointment after the election period, apparently opens the transitional period the birth of the postmodern era of electronic direct democracy, which eventually will make redundant the political membership of citizens in a representative democracy parties. I hope that this century will mature tool electronic citizenship Russian community: people will directly choose for themselves those or other social projects and original social management model, including from abroad. (From the sometimes know better how we should live.) After direct electronic selection - the electorate approved the project for its implementation will be carried out again direct managers of the electronic elections author's projects, which will be allowed to participate persons from all corners of our planet. I foresee that in 15 years for the post of mayor of Moscow can stand, Barack Obama, Condoleezza Rice, Arnold Schwarzenegger, etc.

Of course, if the rates are low and Russia's transition to the social model of sustainable development will fall, it will be their children or grandchildren. 
I believe that the political parties, the dying a historical period in Russia for 30 years it would be possible to legalize the code of political electorate games population for two or three parties, as a supplement to the law on political parties. In it provide that in case of dissolution of the obsolete or embezzled party created a new in return ubyvshey. 
The three parties to a rule no more than two periods, the other would be in the system of the opposition, and the third to hold a meeting is in the search for, and fought for the role of systemic opposition and the ruling party, even if some ingenious solutions in the minds of party members. At the same time, based on the social networks necessary to train something to choose. In the meantime, our social locomotive with 3% efficiency in preparing for the upgrades. Other social models for the management of a modern hostel is not yet sounded, and most importantly the people are not interested. And it seems to me that the greatest effect in our historical time is possible by the construction of each person's own happiness based on the concept and self-esteem, family and home. A man in Russia should be on the basis of values for several generations learn to manage the construction of primarily their own lives and skillfully, and critical of inefficient social institutions that use is 3% power, money and knowledge of the people. After 3-5 generations of value of the person from a simplified vertical governance began to postmodern people will be able to find the need to select the specific management models of social development at all levels of society.


Today, I measured the activity of the community of Internet users.

Less than a month as an electronic people have lost interest in the still mayor. This fact confirmed my previous diagnosis - a population tired. And there is no confidence to anyone. And if there is no real sin, the rumor was knit anything, and even to such colorful figures like Luzhkov. Filming today can be anyone: people speechless - a new society has not grown, and comprehend what is happening, most can not, and is not familiar to our people such a procedure, as a public change of power.


electronic people Interests 

My body is 60 years old. Thank God! I supported him as best he could.

Save God and my family, my colleagues, the population of Russia, familiar and unfamiliar people, the natural environment and wildlife around the world.

In its 20 years it seemed to me that I make mistakes in life, but no more than 20%. Accordingly, in the 30 - 30%, 40- 40%, 50 - 50%, and is now 60 years seems to me, that the error was 60%. They say with age comes wisdom, sadness and sorrow: efficiency (efficiency) machines is not high. Probably, and the effectiveness of human life, communities of people in an average of 3%. Lived 100 years, people can be proud of only 3 years, beneficial moments, which are covered, sealed life. So anyone not necessary to grieve about the futility and meaninglessness of life. Vigorous activity is not always useful, and if useful, it is not 100%.

On the day of his birth on December 17th was one thousand rubles from the trade union and by private invitation went to listen to the songs in the Column Hall of the House of Unions . Listening to our young artists, I felt something wild in the background of classical Russian romance. And the House of Unions in our society, yet has little to do with the manifestations of solidarity of our people. This concept is common goals, interests, beliefs, mutual aid. The qualities that are lacking in our country's population to work in an innovative economy, for its cozy life in the state.

The UN resolution on the day of the feast of Solidarity Institutions indicated that such a notion of solidarity, should be the main concept in the 21st century. UN General Assembly gave instructions to all States to implement the media: newspapers, TV, radio, more programs on the theme of solidarity of people in relation to each other.

By December 25, I ended my two-week social Marathon on registration of pensions and social inclusion in the register of personal data. It seems that there is no one to do with me and my credentials are scattered where vouchsafed me manifest. It would not, I gather them himself, even our dear state apparatus they never collect. Burn and go into obscurity people like gone nowhere in the room for my lonely grave mound housemate. Well, the neighbors showed solidarity and raised money for the grave cross with a name. So bury lonely villagers Vlasikha - RVSN center. And that in the depths of Russia?


20 years old network the WWW , which gave us the West. Our government, however, mastered the money to Russia and the Electronic Single Window, forgot about the e-Citizen. And now, these projects simply can not dock any real leadership, no real population, for some reason not taken into account in these projects. Although the money to devote more ! Bygone decade remembered me only permanently warped by the mayor's office IT project managers looking for new budgetary allocations updated their costumes, new flavors of perfume and obese baskets with gifts for managers of state-owned assets. Not once I was not able to meet in the corridors of City Hall engineers or enthusiasts from science. Only once I saw tears girls are not held a contest for the vacant gosdolzhnosti first once. Computerization of the last 20 years has not changed the principles of traction control machines, created a kind of comfort in the document. How to transition from coal to oil in locomotives: steam engine stoker became operator efficiency went up by 1-3%, and the passengers of this and have not noticed.Apparently, our difficulties to be found in our history, in its depths, and create filters for activity idiots in management positions.


Days August 19-21, 1991, I remember the greatest uncertainty in which I was, our population and perhaps leadership of the USSR Mikhail Gorbachev and the team started a restructuring in the USSR. 
According to their mentality and, apparently, on the recommendation of his wife - M .S.Gorbachёv let go the reins of government. And perhaps it was done according to plan "where the horse take out!" With a restriction on the bloodshed in Moscow. 
On the morning of August 19th Chief of the Strategic Missile Forces called a meeting and all the staff officers ordered to remain calm and not to interfere in civil events in Moscow. 
But when the reins were released horse state administration of the USSR suddenly stood up, and the social blizzard increased sharply. For example, there have been suggestions from the "true cause of the Party comrades" promptly issue extrajudicial triples and lists unreliable from the ranks of his comrades, isolate the Democrats . 
Perhaps events began to frighten the then councilors and especially the spouse Mikhail Gorbachev. She got confused and her indecision shone in actions of the Supreme Commander. 
On August 21 were the most decisive actions of Boris Yeltsin and the citizenship of his supporters around the White House. In his hands and got the reins of state administration of the USSR. This democratization has proceeded with the acceleration and bustle of the restructuring is not diminished. In these troubled times, and I joined the democratic movement under the banner of G. Popov, Anatoly Sobchak, and other sensible contemporaries. 
Then in the Soviet Union, and now the state machine, its device does not have time for the challenges of the time. 
It seems to me that the awareness and decision civilization Russia's problems lies beyond the parties and will depend on the activity on the basis of self-dignity of man in all of us. And the first steps in this direction give results: Medvedev and Vladimir Putin at the population became less likely to use the idiom: "dermokraty", "liberasty" etc. Interestingly, the most vociferous critics of the young democracy got us in the Odintsovo district of the land from dermokraticheskoy power, pushed aside many elbows. I have not received land for fruit and vegetable garden, and I publicly, but without ostentation, participating for nearly 20 years in various democratic endeavors of our region and country.


In the city of Kaluga, the Publishing House Oblizdat GP, in 2011 published an interesting book K.B.Norkina "System problems of struggle against corruption in Russia." In his work, Professor K.B.Norkin gathered some useful thoughts on the right, the system bases of construction of the modern state, which is obliged to serve the citizens, not to meet the legitimate needs of the ruling class, based on the current understanding of the boundaries and the size of the welfare of the citizen population, personnel or entrusted them to the team. He writes: "Of course, in Moscow, as well as throughout Russia, have serious problems with corruption, but to blame it, for example, only the mayor is no more reason than blaming higher Russian leadership in the extent of corruption in Russia. Rather, we can blame it on Peter I, who "opened a window to Europe" is not introduced in Russia Magdeburg Law, or Catherine the Great, who, adopting excellent "Letters Patent cities" failed to implement in her tool for civil society, and all civil initiatives led to "assent" of the governor and other senior officials. "Page 10 in essence K.B.Norkin warns of the evils of not only the corruption component, but also the negative aspects servility in the legislation, rules and regulations of our hostel population.

Read more here -


Circumstances have left me at home and I turned on the television, I looked at the news and switched to the channel Culture. There went the film "Yury Kuvaldin Life in the text." Director: Vahram Kevorkov.Production: 2006 . So I met with Yuri Kuvaldina. Read his essay, Fyodor Kryukov, risen from the ashes, OR SHOLOHOVSCHINA, Communist hoax - and I had the cheerful, resourceful, Mikhail Sholokhov, which circumstances it is thus orientated by selecting from the dark disoriented masses of the population. You could say he was very lucky in the social conflict in Russia "in the crop spёrlo breath" from the proposals of senior comrades.

In my opinion, in line with the modernization segodnyaschney hopes for the initiative and authorship of each, it would be necessary to investigate the situation with the authorship of Sholokhov, assess and resourcefulness in this case at the level of the Federal Assembly. However, the heads of our people continues the tradition of promoting cheerful and resourceful, and Russia now need a mass movement thoughtful and inventive writers.


Election 2011 with a mass falsification of expression, manipulation with summarizing and almost live broadcast on the Internet, once again assured me of the impossibility of modernizing Russia without having our civil society , the activity of each person, based on their own merit. Rather high rates of development of liberal Russia in the twentieth century showed to the world of liberal area just personal feat V.Novodvorskoy .Now we will be able to develop with the achieved level of only stable and no more. I am convinced that the age of liberalism ended for the entire world. However, this is not yet understood nor leaders nor the people, but science is not popular in many countries.


Today was a month after the end of my service in the Moscow mayor's office as an information technology consultant for the City Hall staff. 
A little rest, and therefore visited the National Research University "Higher School of Economics", Department of Sociology. 
University jointly with the Russian Society of Sociologists and the Community of professional sociologists conducting scientific-practical conference on modern sociology CONTEMPORARY RUSSIAN dedicated to the memory of the first dean of the Faculty of sociology Alexander O. KRYSHTANOVSKAYA. 
Gave doctor of Philosophy, professor. President of the Russian Society of Sociologists, deputy director of the Institute of Sociology, Russian Academy of Sciences, Honorary Doctor of the Institute of Sociology. He noted that our sociology as a science dependent on political leaders to practice, and regular scientific luminaries are not aware of the society in which they live themselves. However, after re-training of sociologists, political officer successfully represent Russia in international forums and began to establish trade unions, fairly distributing budget funds and grants, exacerbating the hopeless state to enhance the population of the country and control channels. 
V.A.Yadov said that future sociologists inseparable by globalization, the exact miscalculation of risks that result from these or other social activities. However, they will have to solve the problem of local or even have a separate enclave, which is not enough in Russia. 
N.E.Pokrovsky expressed the opinion that they have, over the hill there, things are not better. Murk begins with the names of the international congress of sociologists, and so on, and he was talking about. And time was running out. 
V.V.Radaev in Russian sociology identified 10 diseases. At the same time all our sores on what each graduate sociologist or an amateur like me, your yard in your pocket. 
A.Yu.Chepurenko and not began to speak:. Community was quick coffee break 
after coffee and I listened to our social practices , measures the trends in sales from advertising any Coca-Cola and other consumer goods. They got me quite tired thing was not as a commodity, and the label on it. And I went to the fresh air - airing the room there was no one, and my desire to raise the wind in the audience was not welcomed by the public pale. 
On the street, I regretted the 4-hour drive from home to the HSE. Yes, even introduced fitters, the innovative task of the Government to fasten the web camera to the polls instead of audiences even the leading universities of the country. And I was very sad. 

My measurements of the index of popularity of Internet users in the United States before the elections, confirmed as a result of elections.

Whether this will work the same measurement for today's Russia?


Because of the dynamics of popularity it shows that Putin will win in the first round or the second with Prokhorov.


The forecast was justified with a stunning result as reflected in a small article.


Today, 200 years since the birth of Alexander Herzen, contribute to the universe of slaves huts in their own homes.

I am confident that the current self-improvement and self-organization of our people can only happen with the concept and a strong sense of self-esteem. Wake dignity in every person to participate in the humanitarian revolution XXI century - the problem of modern Herzen. If this does not happen, the Russian followed by STR and sleep for this revolution.


Waiting 18 area under the garden . Since 1994, they assured me simply in the military for several years of accounting and control applications to military service of veterans. Then the facts of individual enrichment were published at the expense of the total land, grew even some Rublevskoye areas around Odintsovo. Some received several sites on one benefit: the kitchen garden and a garden, and a cottage, and a garage and a parking lot, and now a new official new administrative formation again assured me of the effectiveness of the established order of strict accounting and control the distribution of wealth. Re-enter the life of generations not to walk - it is difficult to pass a newborn baby with a stroller. On Vlasikha area under garages, parking lots and parked cars near the entrances exceeds the space for the residents of our strategic town, packed with high-rise buildings: all calls to remove the machine in an empty garage with a basement or parking there bellicose reminders of their rights in the existing rules and laws. It seems that our strategies are always ready to interpersonal wars as well as constantly ready to start strategic Russian missiles at the enemy. However, the civilian population of towns and cities now often resolve issues stabbing parking.

I continue to hope still in the "established order", and that still remains, if time does not understand, do not hurry up, not caught, not ....? And because I was advised to enrich at the expense of the common land and for the veterans sections: - "Get $ 100 for two statements:. one to the request, and the other on the failure of the plot If you do not get the $ 100, by our sovereign and decorative democracy will not get anything and although a tuft of wool from black sheep. ". Perhaps it will be so. No longer forces find anywhere poll a database of accounting and distribution of benefits and public goods - portal of public services it and has no plans yet, but from the last e Electronic Russian democracy remains closed one window at the darkness of hardware kitchen all our offices.

Is that the admiral himself to sew a tunic, buy dummies highest awards, to be photographed and say hello to the President himself in the most important area of the country - as did Costumed general's .

If these May days were called as days of remembrance of the fallen and reconciliation with former enemies of this would have happened. A Victory for our numerous poor and weak man leans too many of the summer and good health and in full frenzy .


In Russia today the transition from command-administrative system of management to post-democratic, ie, one that should ensure sustainable development of the society in the following decades and centuries due to the activation of intelligence. Developed countries are also shifting from the developed to the postmodern democracy and they have this social stage and the form and time will be different in each country, as if the process of turning into a butterfly caterpillars different. It should be expected that the post-modern, as well as Art Nouveau in a bygone era, will be different for each country, such as size, shape and coloring of butterflies. 
The rallies and marches in Moscow - a youth response to the former, outlived himself command-and-control method that has been applied for elections to the new Duma and the President. This is an echo and democratic euphoria naseleniya1987-1999's when people intuitively rejoiced collapse of the CPSU Command Authority, which completed by the Asian country's industrialization - ie force, without intelligence, without democracy, without masses of self-government, without the interest of the masses in the form of motorization and its own housing. Of course, this was accomplished industrialization painful, ineffective, as childbirth cesarean section without any attempts mothers. The intensive development of natural resources, industrialization was accomplished without democracy in Russia and China and other countries. In Russia, the situation was aggravated by the violent introduction of a secular system of relations of repression by the clergy, explosion or the devastation of churches. 
But the world's resources are not limitless, delineated the limits of intensive growth, and of course comes a new post-industrial era. Following the scientific and technological revolution, which provided energy economy on hydrocarbons, is set scientific and humanitarian world. West with its tolerant, active population, held by secular democracy and stable social relations, apparently, easier to evolve, and our people and the leadership of the country, unprepared for new challenges, you can create yourself in trouble. I hope that this time the "classes" will cost without a civil war. 
Of course, it is necessary to revive democracy, as a church, as a factor in public life, but did not prepare the masses and the democratic parties as an engine of society . The population in the new era will be important and need all values, not just democracy and its main values of freedom. 
Today it is necessary to create innovative scientific centers of social and cultural development of society, to reform schools, to create conditions for an active value-orientation population. We need to comprehend the bygone era and build a post-industrial (post-democratic), comfortable for living Russia, gradually moving away from the election of political leaders and their programs to the scientific projects of social management from the local to the national level, which will be carried out openly with the real participation of everyone. 
Perhaps this concept as a citizen and civil society of the Western type in Russia and will not be established, since we have done without democracy in the twentieth century, the civil society and of the last century, we do not need to put the old templates. Hopefully, after the constructive efforts, huge financial costs and scientific education in Russia, you may receive a value-oriented people, the postmodern society, ie, people with protected human dignity that lives for happiness, not for the sake of fulfillment of civic duty. In the new society take root treatment "your dignity", and will use the good old names of previous eras: Sir, Comrade, Brother ... 
If we build a just democracy, which is insufficient for the current post-democratic era or restore and update only the command and administrative system, it is quite bad, the population of Russia once again lag behind the advanced our brothers from other parts of the world and in the XXI century. And Russia again bypass the West, the population of South-East Asia and other regions, and the dignity of the masses will break through the social explosion. 

Today the actual slogan of sustainable social development, "Everything that does not work on the dignity of man, working against the person against RUSSIA". There were first article on this subject: , there is a useful TV show Let gororyat . 

Yesterday on TV program Let it be said again and convincingly been shown another scene from the tragedy of Russian disoriented population, which has lasted for several decades. Honored teacher muhlyuyut at polling stations, and the lecturers go on.

At the same time Russia closed all but the posters inviting to song and dance on the stage and ice.

Why not publish at least monitoring of basic human values: for example, the federal purse, local budgets and monitoring of local earnings. People need to know the composition of the purse in a broad sense. Russian man's time to put an end to servility, it is time to become a master of the state budget and the entire state. For example, we have published that in Krymsk before the flood stole the money to clear the river and accidentally noticed only after the flood. And so everywhere randomly learn about the theft of millions. Strange coincidence with universal literacy. 
Looked film " Bobby Fischer Against The World ", and once again saw history in the last genius chess player, that value orientations are extremely important in today's world, everyone. Spassky, Karpov and Kasparov me respected, but they are still part of the system and the targeted training of the Soviet school of propaganda against the West, the individual and the icon of the Cold War - Bobby Fischer , who, in turn, no doubt influenced by the CIA and the State Department, against whom he has performed all the rest of my life on the brink of his madness in a mass psychosis in the twentieth century. Life and Death of Bobby, and the tragic fate of other participants in the image projects at public expense appeals to the Governments of all countries: - "Give up the propaganda and gross interference in the system of value orientation of the human population,loans security and the financial and economic performance for the benefit of every citizen" .


A year ago in the guest book by Vladimir Voinovich, our classic literature, I left a note:


School Program in Literature

Vladimir Nikolayevich! I looked school program in literature, perhaps I'm wrong, but have not found your works there. Two or three tales in Class 11 program would need to make at the expense of bulky fabrics of other authors. For example, The Tale of a stupid Galilee in conjunction with the textbook of astronomy, would significantly help our young people to build a new generation of its sustainable happiness, attentive to the human dignity of their community, no matter how wild or it had not been developed. At the same time the population will receive an extremely important astronomical concepts and social time. And school debates about Galileo - fool or not remembered firmly and for a lifetime. Now that the earth moves, the majority does not remember, and the minority of the false wisdom revolve on the mountain themselves to others.

Creation date: 2012. February 19th

Today I repeat that record in connection with the publication on the website his tales performed by the author, a compact version of the tale of Galilee here .







I hope this character human basic values will be clear to everyone, or it will create the basis of the most clear regional variations. Drew after his content analysis of "human values" in the books of my time on an index of the Google .








































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